Countryside Marketplace Roundabout Safety Guidelines

Roundabouts (traffic circles) like the one shown here in Countryside Marketplace have some Menifee drivers wary about safety. Many drivers are unsure or unaware of the traffic rules regarding roundabouts.

So in an attempt to help traffic flow and prevent accidents, here are some safety tips about roundabouts, as provided by the CA DMV website.

-- As you approach a roundabout, there will be yellow signs with an advisory for speed limit. Slow down and yield to cars, pedestrians or bicyclists.

-- For multi-lane roundabouts, make sure to choose the appropriate lane to use. Drivers entering must yield to drivers coming from the left and those already in the roundabout have the right-of-way.

-- Travel counter-clockwise through the roundabout and use your turn signal to indicate when exiting. If you miss your exit, continue on the roundabout until you reach the exit again.

Drife safely!


  1. I think the big problem here is that people do not understand the definition of yield.