Haun Road to Newport Road Right-Hand Turn Safety Tips

A sign posted at the southeast corner of Haun Road and Newport Road (and across the street) tell...

A sign posted at the southeast corner of Haun Road and Newport Road (and across the street) tells drivers when right turns on a red light are not allowed.
During rush hour, Newport Road in Menifee is usually packed with drivers trying to get through the center of town. The Countryside Marketplace, plus on- and off-ramps to Interstate 215, makes Newport Road a highly congested street to drive on -- especially with construction now taking place in the area.

Drivers should remember to pay attention to the street signs and road regulations, including exceptions to the basic traffic rules.

At the intersection adjacent to Countryside Marketplace, some drivers neglect to read and obey all traffic signs. For instance, during the hours of 4-6 p.m. Monday through Friday, drivers are prohibited from making right turns on red lights from northbound Haun Road to eastbound Newport Road.

During this time, traffic is at its peak on Newport Road, making it difficult for a driver to determine when there is a big enough gap to turn right on a red light. Drivers making right-hand turns onto Newport should only do so on a green light. And if you're waiting on a red light at that corner and drivers behind you lay on the horn, remember that patience is a virtue and hope that they remember the same. Let cooler heads prevail.

Safe driving, everyone!


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  1. Wait until they build the new 'courthouse' that they say they are going to build in that area. LMAO
    I am lucky enough to leave way before the idiots are awake and using that intersection, my wife will not even go there unless life depends on it.



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