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Advertorial Supplement: Everyone has the potential to make a change in life. It is the desire of ...

Advertorial Supplement:

Everyone has the potential to make a change in life. It is the desire of Quantum Fitness to enable individuals to be self-directed by giving them the tools they require to be successful. Everyone should feel that health is optimal vitality for their condition, with the ability to do what they want with minimal restrictions. By providing consistent drive and motivation combined with personal growth in knowledge base and leading by example whenever possible, it is their hope that everyone will optimize their health at any level, regardless of physical or perceived limitations.

Personal Training

Personal training is available in half-hour and one-hour increments, one-on-one or in a small group shared session. With every membership at Quantum Fitness you receive an exceptional value of a one-hour individualized training session, plus a treadmill stress test, and body fat analysis.

In addition, once a month you receive a 30 minute re-evaluation. Your progress is monitored, your body fat measured and your routine in customized to fit the level you have achieved over the past month. In essence, you are receiving more in personalized services than you are paying in monthly dues!

Boot Camp

With the tremendous success of the summer boot camp challenge, Quantum Fitness will continue to offer boot camp on an ongoing basis. Currently boot Camp takes place three times a week and is open to everyone, both members and non-members.

Within four weeks of the Quantum Fitness challenge the boot camp teams are down a whopping 270 pounds collectively. Members are very encouraging and motivating to one another. Classes are currently held Wednesday morning, Thursday evening and Saturday morning until June 22 -- the grand finale of the Fitness Challenge.

The upcoming classes after June 22 are to be held Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Boot Camp warriors can now purchase quantity class punch cards for a one-time fee, instead of paying per class. Please contact Quantum Fitness for details on days and times. Classes are open to members and non-members.

Saturday's Boot Camp Warriors

Summer Special

Starting now, college and high school students can enjoy three months of unlimited workouts at Quantum Fitness for only $75. Stop by to sign up. Student ID required.

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