Officer-Involved Shooting Shuts Down Quail Valley Streets

For an updated version of this story, click here. Story by Jennifer Baker and Doug Spoon Photos ...

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For an updated version of this story, click here.

Story by Jennifer Baker and Doug Spoon
Photos by Jennifer Baker

Police officers shot and wounded a man who confronted them with a weapon during a domestic dispute in Quail Valley early this morning, according to witnesses.

The shooting occurred at the corner of Goetz Road and Avenue Robles, in front of a Circle K market, where neighbors reported hearing shots fired about 3 a.m. According to a volunteer community service officer, no officers were injured but the male suspect was hit in the arm and leg and was taken to a local hospital. His condition is unknown at this time.

Dep. Myling Bordeau said the Riverside County Sheriffs Dept. responded to a call at 3:26 a.m. in Quail Valley. She had no other details. According to the community service officer, Goetz Road will remain closed most of the day while police investigate the situation.

Avenue Robles is also completely shut down. The Circle K is closed, as well as Quail Valley Fire Station No. 5 and Valley Check Cashing Plus.


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  1. Haha Quail valley is garbage

  2. if all those roads are closed, how the heck are we supposed to get our meth now?? awe shucks

  3. Wow and where are you from?

  4. You comments above are very ignorant

  5. don't go to quail valley go to your doctor and he'll prescribe it ......then you can be a seller yourself! !!!

  6. And where do you live that is so perfect?

  7. I live here and its known that its a bad neighborhood......not ignorant if it is unfortunatley true :(

    1. Seems like now days every neighborhood has a bad apple in one form or another.An example is the earlier article about the child abuser that was an upstanding member of the community.You just never know.

  8. Shame on you Doug Spoon for allowing these disparaging remarks on a section of our city. I know for a fact you would never allow remarks like these to be printed about Menifee Lakes, and yes, Menifee Lakes has the same type of problems.

    Mr. Spoon, it just reveals how prejudice Menifee 24/7 can be and how uneven and inconsistent comments are allowed to be printed by your staff.

    Yes, I live in QV and love the rural atmosphere over here.

    MR Wilson

  9. The comments by one jackass does not constitute prejudice. Lighten up Mr Wilson

  10. Its not the area. Its the people. Often from other places coming into the town. You people dont know the real story and should keep your mouth closed. For the victims and their families. This isnt a joke nor a discussion board for your idiot not factual based remarks.



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