Murrieta Toddler Drowns in Backyard Pool Accident

Yellow balloons line the steets leading to the home of Zachary Gordon Nahsohn, who drowned in a po...

Yellow balloons line the steets leading to the home of Zachary Gordon Nahsohn, who drowned in a pool accident.
Friends and neighbors lined the streets with yellow balloons and gathered in the front yard of a home on Salvia Lane in Murietta today, paying their respects to the family of a toddler who drowned in a backyard pool accident.

Zachary Gordon Nahsohn, who would've been 3 years old in July, was found floating in a hot tub during a children's party Saturday afternoon, according to Murrieta police. A family member pulled the unconscious boy from the pool and performed CPR, but Zachary died in Loma Linda University Children's Hospital early this morning.

Police said there were no signs of criminal negligence and the death was considered accidental.

The boy's mother, Tansy Nahsohn, explained in a Facebook post that the family had been planning Zachary's third birthday party by gathering decorations in yellow, his favorite color. Friends and church members spent today lining streets in the neighborhood with yellow balloons.

His father, Adi, posted a message on Facebook tonight, thanking those in the community for their support.

"Zachary Gordon was an AWESOME son," he wrote. "He always demonstrated love and kindness to everyone he came into contact with ... One of his greatest qualities was his eagerness to always help others. He would always say "I help you!" He taught us about the pure love of Christ.

"As his father, one of my favorite memories with him occurred daily. Every morning when I would get ready to leave for work, he would walk me to the front door. Once we were at the door, he would open the door, give me a hug and kiss and as he would hold me, he would then whisper in my ear, 'Daddy, you're my best friend!' He truly will be missed."

Those wishing to donate to the family in Zachary's name can make donations to the Zachary Gordon Nahsohn Memorial Fund at any Chase Bank Location or at this website.


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  1. My sincere Condolences to the family. We will see Zachary again one day. May GOD give you all strength. Rest in Peace Zachary.

  2. As a father I am heartbroken for these parents. I will be praying for them .

  3. Sweet baby... I'm so sorry.

  4. He is Celestial!

  5. So sorry for your loss my prayers go out to your family.

  6. Oh man! I'm really, really sorry for the loss of this child... my thoughts and best wishes for the surviving family members and may the little angel rest peacefully.

  7. So sorry to hear about this. It's a sad day. Prayers for the family that needs to cope. So happy that this child knew love during his short time on earth.

  8. My husband and I are so sorry for the loss of your beautiful son. God had lent him to you for a purpose and now he is back into his makers arms.May peace and comfort be with your entire family and friends at this difficult time.

  9. My heart is so sadden for your loss... both mommie and daddy are going to miss you Zachery.... you have left them with beautiful memmories.... God is with you now and some day your parents will too

  10. such a horrible tragedy. prayers to the family during such a difficult time.

  11. I grew up around a swimming pool and now all of our kids love spending the summer at grandpa's pool. I personally know two toddlers who died from drowning accidents and it hit close to home so I am the one who is always checking to make sure there is someone watching kids in the pool. I was watching them one day. My little niece needed help with her swimsuit. I was still right there by the pool but my eyes were on my niece and not on the kids. My 20 month old son fell in. No one noticed. When I looked up from helping my niece. I scaned the pool and noticed nothing amiss. But when I looked for my little boy, I couldn't see him. I walked over by a swing next to the pool the adults sit in and there he was, in the pool. It takes seconds and can happen to ANYONE. I have many times pulled kids from the pool as I've seen them fall in. This was the first time I pulled out anyone who was none responsive and not breathing. Thank goodness I have known CPR since I was a kid and have taught classes. Still, I have to say, it didn't work the same on an actual child. He didn't respond like the annie dolls did! 911 was called and we were rushed to Loma Linda Children's hospital. Thank goodness he survived, but it could have easily turned out otherwise. Accidents happen, that's why they are called accidents. Looking for someone to blame makes a unbearable situation even worse. No good comes of it. "If only" is Satan's tool. Look instead to the healing and peace that can come from the atonement of our Savior. In Matthew 5:26 it says "no man can serve two masters", just who do you think you are serving when you make harsh judgments you have no place to make? Choose, instead to serve our God by uplifting and caring - mourn with those who mourn - just as he does! In John we read how Jesus wept with Mary and Martha (even though he knew he was going to raise Lazurus from the dead). We should do no less!

    1. Yes I do agree in not pointing fingers and the "what if"s thoughts. God also gave us Wisdom and we all have to remember that small children especially have no regards for safety, sadly too many care takers/parents do not assume the worst when it comes to their children's safety and we all need to. It isn't paranoia it's being aware.

  12. Zachary you are a precious angel now, my dear sweet husband passed last Thursday and is no longer suffering and is also an angel and he was waiting for you ~~ I pray for your Mommie and Daddy to feel your love everyday, just as I do my Bob's--so you look for "Grandpa" Bob up there -- he has a white beard and a sweet smile and tell him Nonie sends her love to you both will be forever missed --RIP my sweet child. Love, Nonie

  13. This horrible tragedy hit home because I have child not to far from his was very sad and at the same time upsetting to hear that this sad, sad tragedy happened. My prayer of peace and comfort for Zach's family, for this is such a heart breaking loss of a sweet sweet child. Zach you are now in a good place with our Lord Jesus Christ, may you rest in peace Little Angel! We love you and we will truly miss you! Just a word out to all care takers of little ones out there, some may already know but it is worth saying; ALWAYS assume the worst when it comes to children's safety--I see a lot parents in school letting their little ones walk 5 ft or more away from them DURING busy traffic around school! Children have NO regards for their safety. Last but not the least, if your child is missing around the house ALWAYS check the pool FIRST if you own one and bathrooms! Drowning in small children can also occur in tubs & toilet bowls--keep those toilet bowls covered and bathroom doors close. Let's all have a safe summer.



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