Nominations Now Accepted for May Teacher of Month

As the end of the school year approaches, it's more important than ever to recognize and honor the teachers of our students in Menifee.

At Menifee 24/7, we honor a Teacher of the Month with a certificate and $50 gift card from the award sponsor, Massage Envy. We are now accepting nominations for the May Teacher of the Month Award, to be announced next week.

Any teacher at an elementary, middle or high school in Menifee is eligible for nomination by the readers. In an email to us, we ask that you explain in 200 words or less why you believe this teacher should be the Teacher of the Month.

To nominate a teacher, send an email to Please include your name, name of the teacher, grade and school. If you would like to include a comment from your child as well, please indicate in quotation marks the comments made by your child about his or her teacher.

Send us your nominations now!


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