Mesa View Elementary Students Write Some Fairy Tales

A note from the Junior Editor:  Now I got some other kids from my school to help me write s...

A note from the Junior Editor: 

Now I got some other kids from my school to help me write stories. They are first graders at Mesa View, just like me!

The first story is by Destinee G. She wrote about three puppies and a fox and she drew a great picture. Thanks, Destinee!

Then Adela L. wrote about Purple Riding Hood. That's funny. She wants to be purple instead of red. I never thought of that.

Adriana P. did a story about three gingerbread girls. She sure drew a lot of stuff in her picture.

A lot of my other friends and kids in lots of classes at our school drew pictures. I didn't have room for all of them here. So I'll show you some more on Friday in a special issue of Kids Edition.

See you then!

-- Kaylee 

There are two ways to submit content for Menifee 24/7 Kids Edition.

One, items may be mailed to this address:

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Two, submissions may be emailed to If your child drew something, scan it or take a picture of it and attach it to the email. If your child wrote something, we'd prefer to receive it in the original handwritten form. If it is typed into the email by the child, let us know it's their original work. If a parent retypes the work, assure us that your child dictated the content or wrote it out first.

Please have your child keep written submissions brief. Include the child's first name only, and his or her age.


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