Menifee City Council Agrees to Reconsider Bunker Ordinance

Members of the Menifee City Council Tuesday agreed to reconsider an ordinance that would allow residents to have underground bunkers on their property and relax restrictions on metal storage containers.

The issue has been a hot topic in town since the council last month decided not to approve such an ordinance. At Tuesday night's meeting, several residents addressed the council, citing reasons they support such structures. Factors mentioned included property rights, protection, and the need for increased storage capacity.

Councilman Tom Fuhrman, who was absent from the April meeting, stated his support of the ordinance. He said his position in favor of the ordinance was solidified after speaking with rural residents during the "Menifee Better Together" cleanup effort last month.

The measure to bring the bunker ordinance decision back to the floor for a vote was unanimously approved by council, and will be added to the agenda of a future meeting. The public is encouraged to provide commentary when the matter is added to a future agenda.


  1. I'd love to have one of these in my backyard. However, given the recent events I would suggest that people who want these should have some sort of background check to make sure they are not some sort of terrorist or kidnapper.

  2. I'd hate to have a shipping container anywhere near me..Leave them in the rural areas of 5 acres or more. No reason to be near a residental area. As far as bunkers, if they are accepted they need to be regularly inspected. I'm sure that would not be acceptable to people interested in building bunkers.