Temecula Men Accused of Defrauding Local Homeowners

Temecula police are seeking information from anyone who may have come in contact with two men arrest...

Temecula police are seeking information from anyone who may have come in contact with two men arrested Friday on charges of trespassing, burglary and conspiracy to commit burglary.

Matthew Sinay, 23 (left), and Brent Perry, 27 (below right), both of Temecula, are accused of conspiring together to illegally enter numerous vacant residences in southwest Riverside County and preying upon unsuspecting victims by issuing them fraudulent rental agreements in exchange for money. According to police, Sinay and Perry committed these actions without permission of the lawful owners of the residences.

On Friday at 9 a.m., officers from the Temecula Police Department responded to a suspicious circumstance call in the 32000 block of Ritter Court in Temecula. The investigation revealed that two suspects illegally changed the locks to a vacant residence on Ritter Court and were fraudulently representing themselves as the managers of the property. Sinay and Perry were arrested later that day.

It is possible that other citizens may have come in contact with Sinay and Perry and may have been victimized by their fraudulent rental property scam. If you or someone you know has information regarding this investigation, contact Investigator Dickey at 951-696-3045.


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  1. I personally know one of the victims, and she said that when she went to the PD to press charges the other 2 victims didn't want to press charges, they only wanted to move forward with renting the properties. These guys need to be charged to the maximum the law will allow and the other victims should press charges.

  2. Wow, what an "American" you are. I dont know the whole story, but I doubt these young guys conjured up this scheme by themselves. Whatever happened to having a fair trial, before being hung? I'd love to hear what these kids have to say.
    I read about a similar scheme in LA about a year ago, where some big company was hiring people to do this and letting the poor employees take the rap for it.
    Not to say its okay, just, that it doesnt sound like something 2 kids could come up with.

    1. I agree. You have to hear both sides before you condemn. I had hoped America progressed passed Salem Witch trials.

  3. Anonymous