Menifee in Pictures: Will the Sign Stand Forever?

OK, so we know they blacked out the "76" on this sign that once notified freeway motorist...

OK, so we know they blacked out the "76" on this sign that once notified freeway motorists of the existence of a Union 76 gas station at the McCall Blvd. off-ramp. Yet today, the sign is the only thing that remains at this location. Why? Is it too expensive to dismantle? Is it being nominated for landmark status?

Just wondering. How long has the 76 station been gone and what do you think will take its place?

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  1. In most cities it would be impossible to put up a sign as big as this under the Anti-sign laws most have in place. By leaving the sign the property owner is probably hoping to make the property easier to market. Not that they've had much luck so far.
    Rich Gardner

    1. that's a great point - thx for sharing. I would have never imagined that.


  2. What is the cross street? This may be the land where a future Walmart is supposed to open in addition to the one down off Scott.

  3. I live by here. If they could just add a sidewalk, get some weed killer, and remove this sign and that other run-down building next to it, it'd be much appreciated.

    Too bad this side of "menifee valley" doesn't get paid any attention to.