Menifee in Pictures: Encanto Apartments Taking Shape

Workers have been busy framing the structures that will make up the Encanto Apartments, a 180-unit ...

Workers have been busy framing the structures that will make up the Encanto Apartments, a 180-unit complex being built on Encanto Drive just south of McCall Blvd.

The project, approved by Riverside County in 2006, was finally begun a few months ago. According to the developer, Frost Communities, the complex will include a multi-purpose sport court; pool, wading pool and spa; barbecue area; movie theater; clubhouse; tot lot; gym; and business center.

According to Carmen Cave, community development director for the City of Menifee, the builder will charge $650 to $800 per month for the one- and two-bedroom units that are designated as affordable housing, which is estimated to be about 20 percent of the units. Rent on the remaining 80 percent of the units will range from $1,000 to $1,400 per month for one- to three-bedroom apartments.

No completion date has been announced.

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  1. why the heck did they put this complex so friggin close to the street? what if the street needs to be expanded? honestly its great to have the complex build but not so totally close to the street. how in the world are those people going to be able to sleep?

  2. It does look pretty tight which is weird since there is so much land in Menifee. Not like this is L.A. or something.

  3. nice..but should be more isolated from street traffic

  4. This is what Carmen Cave, Sue Kristjansson and Darci Kuenzi approved for our city. Hopefully current Council and Staff won't repeat mistakes like this. Remember Kuenzi and Kristjansson advising the city that this "affordable income" housing would be close to the commuter rail they envisioned coming south of Perris along the Interstate.

    1. These apartments were approved by the County, before Menifee was a city. Cave, Kristjansson, and Kuenzi had nothing to do with its approval. Check your facts.

    2. Yeah, I did check my facts Steve. Just because the County had approved doesn't mean that the city of Menifee had to approve it. Stop listening to Carmen Cave tell you just because the county or the state tell you something is approved or done a certain way, is not true.

      So when the locals protested over these apartments being built in such density apparently you don't remember what Kuenzi and Cave told the public.

    3. Check your facts again on how the approval process works.One council member cannot unilaterally approve a project,nor can two.As for repeating "mistakes" ,four of the current council members were there before.Why do you then single out only the female members of city government? Chauvinism?

  5. This project looks like a housing project less then 800 sq ft per unit. No land frontage between any of the buildings and sidewalk Looks like the slums and takes away from this area. This type of build is not what the people of Menifee want for this city

  6. There goes my property value...

  7. I guess I should purchase a store nearby and put up a liquor store.

  8. Does anybody know how to apply for these. Like is there a waiting list or something

  9. More insults on former female Council members? Still?
    This group, made of Pica, Edgerton, Matelko, Minnear, Goulet, Thurman, Miller, Dorati and Mann just wont let it go.
    Angry, bitter & hateful is no way to go through life.
    Not in Menifee anyway.


  10. Are they taking applications yet and if so where can I get one



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