Menifee in Pictures: A Quiet Stroll Down by the Lake

Regina Kelly Jones captured a beautiful photo of a quiet stroll alongside the water at Menifee Lakes. Her daughter, Tana Kelly, friend Evan Rhodes and Harlow the beagle are enjoying the sunset.

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  1. Too bad the security will kick you out if you don't live around there. Since I'm on the other side I wasn't allowed to take baby bump pics with my wife. And the security guard was extremely rude.

    1. They are mean even when you have ID and live there. So sad

    2. I live across the street at the other Lake, I pay a hefty HOA fee for the privacy and private use of our amenities (which by the way, is continually abused by non residences). I don't appreciate paying for things that others feel they have the right to use. If you feel left out, buy in.....

    3. You are spot on! I live in the Lake Ridge Estates tract in Menifee Lakes. We pay for these private lakes in each of our respective HOA's. If you want to be a part of our commumities, then move here!