City Council Meeting to Provide Update on Road Projects

One of the hottest topics among Menifee residents -- traffic congestion and its potential solutions -- will be discussed Tuesday night in a special city council meeting at City Hall, 29714 Haun Road.

The meeting, which will begin at 5 p.m., is designed as a workshop to update council members and the public on projects, procedures and responsibilities relating to the Public Works Department in the City of Menifee. There will be an opportunity for public comments.

Subjects which may be discussed include:

-- Newport Road Widening (Antelope to Menifee Road)
-- Newport/I 215 Interchange Project
-- Menifee Road Missing Link (Between Newport & Simpson)
-- Bradley Bridge Project/Salt Creek
-- Holland Road Overpass
-- Scott Road/I 215 Interchange Project
-- McCall Interchange Project
-- 5-year Capital Improvement Project Budget Process

Residents concerned about traffic issues and with questions about projects planned and underway are urged to attend.


  1. No argument that Newport Road is in need of some widening to relieve the congestion near the 215 Interchange and between Antelope and Menifee Roads. I just hope we get some decent designs with some nice landscaping in the median. I'd hate to lose the trees and the grass on one of the few streets in Menifee that has them for the sake of non-residents to use our city as a thoroughfare.

  2. Voter in Menifee LakesApril 29, 2013 6:59 PM

    We voted for Scott Mann and Wallace Edgerton because they promised to BUILD HOLLAND OVERPASS FIRST.
    My husband and I believed these candidates, but we have a feeling this meeting is designed to give them an excuse to not fulfill their promise.

    1. You weren't the only ones duped. The lesson here is to look beyond campaign ads and speeches.A look at the previous antics of these two would have revealed what you voted for:a smoke screen of deception.

  3. If you notice, majority of the residents east of 215 and Hemet have to take Newport over the bridge just to drive south or to go shopping. Why the city is not allowing any new stores or pharmacies be built on the east side? Is it because they are not getting paid by the developers? CVS was supposed to open up on the Menifee/Newport road but the city only let them open one up on the west side close off Bradley. The precious Audie Murphy developers must have really padded the city council's wallets

  4. They promised something they couldn't deliver.They told the voters whatever they wanted to hear to get elected.

  5. I wanted to go to this meeting and was unable to make it. I personally have observed the traffic on the Newport bridge for years and the data that has been presented has been completely inaccurate. The data shows that by providing the planned larger on/off ramps for the freeways will resolve the traffic issues on this bridge. WRONG - the majority of traffic, over 80% of all traffic is only to get from Haun to Antelope and vice versa. The bridge itself needs widened and the timing of the signal lights is what is needed. The only other option, the real FIX!, is to install a bridge overpass at or near Holland. This is really the only solution to the amount of traffic on the Newport Bridge.
    The Scott Road bridge is entirely a different story. About 50% of the traffic during rush hours is for on/off ramp for the freeways. However, the only option to resolve this issue is to install a widened bridge with the on/off ramps as planned for the Newport bridge. Installing an on/off ramp further south on the 215 closer to the hospital will resolve quite a bit of this traffic and the overpass at Holland will resolve quite a bit more of it.

  6. I have a mailer that I kept from Edgerton that has Ron Reagan's photo. It says: "I will build Holland Overpass First".
    Vote for Wally Edgerton. I wonder how many people fell for his bull.

    1. Enough to get him elected.He handed out a lot of that Bull.


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