Menifee in Pictures: To Whom Should We Pay Tribute?

Perhaps we're too new in town to know the story behind this, but we're hoping someone does. Can anyone tell us what happened to Tabitha and Christopher, whose names appear on these crosses at the side of Lindenberger Road? The site is a blind curve just south of El Dorado Park, so it appears likely there was some sort of traffic accident there. What can you tell us about these individuals, what happened to them and when?

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  1. If I recall right that is where there was a car accident a few years back where a car landed upside down on a huge rock. I'm pretty sure that is the spot.

  2. Yes this happened I believe in 2007/08 because I live just off Lindenberger and could see the flashing lights as I was leaving for work around 3am. It was a rollover involving a huge bolder. Very sad.

  3. I remember driving by a few days after the accident and seeing a parent (most likely the husband) and a child meditating at the crosses. I haven't seen them in some time (at least a couple years)


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