Menifee in Pictures: Round and Round We Go...

You've probably seen this manueverability challenge located at the end of the second entrance t...

You've probably seen this manueverability challenge located at the end of the second entrance to Countryside Marketplace off Haun Road. It's a traffic circle -- sometimes called a roundabout -- that apparently is supposed to slow and regulate traffic heading in different directions. It can also be confusing if you're not paying attention. Roundabouts: Like 'em or not?

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  1. Hate this one. Dangerous as everyone seems to think that they have the right-of-way. I've almost been hit more than once. I avoid it when possible.

  2. THIS IS THE MOST DANGEROUS SPOT IN ALL OF MENIFEE! I have been hit twice when I had the right-of-way. The police even agree that this should have been a four way stop just like all the rest of them in the marketplace. Roundabouts are not very common in California and people are just oblivious and this needs to be changed before someone gets killed, if it hasn't happened already.

  3. The key to avoid a collission in a circle is - drivers IN the circle have the right of way. Those entering must yield to other cars already in the circle.

  4. I think roundabouts work very well, especially in different countries where drivers are actually aware and courteous to other drivers. But here in California, we definitely don't deserve that much credit.

  5. Who ever designed and allowed this miniature mess to be approved should be made to drive it everyday to see what a dangerous mess it is.
    I used to drive through one in Long Beach which is scary, it's so big cars tend to drive pretty fast. On the other hand it's large enough to merge in and out of the lanes so you can get to the exit you want. The one at Countryside Market is so small, once you avoid one merging incoming lane another is right on top of you.

  6. I also do not like this one. Seems drivers cannot stay in their lane and just merge over in front of other cars. Yes it is very dangerous if drivers are not watching where they are driving. It is also bad as most people do not know what yield means. Decorative but dangerous.


  8. I avoid it as well because people don't know how they are supposed to work!! YIELD TO THE CARS IN THE CIRCLE PEOPLE!!! Only people from the east coast know how they work!!! Get rid of it!!

  9. Round-A-Bouts are not bad, this coming from a professional driver, but you put idiot drivers that think they always have the right of way no matter what and you are going to have problems. My wife refuses to drive anywhere near that thing.

  10. This needs to be changed to a normal 4 way stop just like every other intersection in the center. Only people from the East Coast are familiar with these and since we are in California it makes absolutely NO sense that this was done. I'm sure there have been several accidents and hopefully no serious injuries. What is it going to take before something is done about it, a death?

  11. I also hate the roundabout. It should be torn out and a four way stop should replace it. I also avoid the roundabout whenever possible. The roundabouts are okay in Paris and throught France but it has not worked at Countryside Marketplace. Please City Council do not authorize anymore roundabouts in Menifee.

    Louis G. Mazei



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