Planning Commission to Consider Proposal for Auto Parts Store

The City of Menifee Planning Commission Tuesday will consider a plan to build an O'Reilly Auto Parts store on a vacant lot adjacent to the Stater Bros. shopping center on Newport Road, just west of Murrieta Road.

The plan is part of an adjustment to the original 1990 approved project, in which the shopping center was approved. A Del Taco drive-thru restaurant was approved in 2010 and now occupies the corner location originally designated for a retail building. O'Reilly Auto Parts will be built on a dirt lot originally planned as the site for a drive-thru restaurant.

According to the proposal, the combined square footage of the exiting Del Taco restaurant and the proposed O'Reilly Auto Parts store would be 8,377 -- about 1,500 square feet less than that originally approved for that portion of the shopping center complex.

Tuesday's meeting begins at at 7 p.m. at City Hall, 29714 Haun Road in Menifee.


  1. Excellent idea and location. Much more convenient and also revenue generating.
    Robert Krauss
    Sun City