Menifee in Pictures: Our Own Little Traffic Jam

We often show rural scenes and local wildlife in this space, but somehow we can't ignore the busiest intersection in town: Newport Road and Haun Road, just west of Interstate 215 near Countryside Marketplace.

We all know we have traffic flow problems. That will take some time to fix. Meanwhile, leave yourself some extra time if you need to drive across the Newport Road bridge, to the Marketplace, to City Hall or points westward. Be prepared for extra traffic on weekday afternoons. And remember:No right turns on a red light from 4-6 p.m.!

"Menifee in Pictures" is a daily feature on Menifee 24/7. Readers are invited to contribute photos for publication. Email your photos as a .jpg file to and we'll select one for publication each day, along with your name as the photographer. Please include your full name on the submission and any explanation about where and when the photo was taken. We do not publish photos that have a personalized name signature or any promotional information within the photo.


  1. I hope CALTRANS changes the on/off ramps to the 215 to alleviate this traffic nightmare at Newport during the wideneing construction. Left turns at the lights to access N and S I-215 is crazy!

  2. Mr. Mann and Mr. Edgerton both promised that they would "Build Holland Road Bridge First".
    Now that the voting is done, will they abandon that promise?