Baby Bound Ultrasound Testimonial from A New Mommy

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Tanya Haggard is a new mommy to happy, healthy baby Maddox, born just 13 days ago. Because this was her first pregnancy, she was extremely vigilant throughout and took many trips to Baby Bound Ultrasound “just to make sure”.

Baby Bound is extremely informative in terms of how and where the baby is positioned, so Haggard had regular ultrasounds over the course of her pregnancy to assure peace of mind that baby Maddox was facing the correct direction for delivery.

“I loved my experience,” said Haggard. “Rachel always squeezed me in for anything I was worried about and always took her time.”

Haggard began visiting Baby Bound at 14 weeks with her boyfriend for the gender reveal of their first baby boy, which turned out to be quite the task. Because of his placement, their 20-minute appointment to determine the gender turned into a 45-minute appointment

“She never rushed us or anything. Rachel was very patient while the baby moved around so we could get the perfect picture,” Haggard said.

Over the course of nine months, she went back more than 10 times to sneak a peek at her precious baby-to-be. At Baby Bound, owner and operator Rachel Brady understands that schedules are busy, so she makes her hours extremely flexible to meet the needs of each individual client.

Offering multiple discounts and packaged pricing for repeat visits, Baby Bound ensures your experience is affordable and enjoyable. She has really worked to create a relaxing and positive atmosphere that is both inviting and comfortable for expecting mommas and their families.

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