Sun City Program Reviews New Traffic Laws for 2013


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  1. Why would us seniors attend this traffic law get together? Do we actually have a say or are the laws cut and dried, as they say? One of the questions that I always wanted to ask was; how much was spent on those wheelchair entries that are at just about every street corner in Sun City? 40 feet away on both sides are driveways that could have been used instead. There was a lot of money spent on a project that was not needed, and from what I have seen, not really used. Motorized wheelchairs could use any driveway to gain access to the street from the sidewalk or visa versa. I bet that millions was spent and that made some contractor real happy.

  2. Tony:
    For those who rely on wheelchairs, these little ramps a very important.
    If you take a closer look from the sidewalk and see the cars going by from the driveways to the corner curb, you'd see that no one in a wheelchair would fit safely, not to mention how dangerous that would be, also unable to press any crossing buttons because now you are below the curb, unable to reach the light, to the mercy of vehicles.

    Your proposal would be negligent, dangerous and inconsiderate.

    Wheelchair-bound people may be a very small fraction of the population, I think that granting access for all is paramount, regardless of the small numbers. I understand that there may be limits and can't place a ramp everywhere, however, a public sidewalks should not even be an issue at all.



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