Menifee Police Investigating Graffiti on Area Homes

The Menifee Police Department is investigating a case in which several homes in the Sun City community of Menifee were vandalized with spray paint earlier this week.

According to a report released tonight by the Riverside County Sheriff's Department, police responded to the 26000 block of Potomac Drive Monday night at 11:38. They discovered several homes had been spray painted with anti-law enforcement messages. Cost of the vandalism has not been determined.

Anyone with information about this incident is urged to call Sergeant Tejeda at 951-210-1093 or 951-210-1000.


  1. The kids are out of school.... graffiti, power breakers being turned off, ding song ditch, cars getting broken into.... it always happens when school is on break. Parents need to know who, what and where on their kids.

  2. Mrs. Bellanca needs to think 'bigger'!

  3. Expect more of the same as the population of bored kids with nothing to do increases. The city has few attractions to occupy kids. The touted Countryside Marketplace is isolated by roads made dangerous by irate commuters and hostile vehicle traffic. The shops are pricey, and there are no real "walkable" places to desirable outlets to and from the city's various sprawl communities. Add to this the fact that over 50% of the residents work elsewhere, with commutes reaching over 100 miles per day. Mrsbellanca has only "looked" at the tip of this iceberg of suburban problems. P-P urban planning and the city administrative dysfunction is responsible for many of the sidebar problems that are evolving in menifee. It won't be long before the glut of violent video games and vizmedia's continuous hype of the love of violence gets translated to the streets of Menifee.