Holland Road Paving Project Done in Time for School Today

Parents driving their children to Herk Bouris Elementary School across the Lake Elsinore border Monday morning enjoyed the new paved surface just completed by work crews.

The dirt portion of Holland Road west of Murrieta Road has been a concern for residents choosing to travel that route to take their children to school. It's now a much smoother ride, but drivers are cautioned to obey speed limits through that hilly section of road.


  1. Scott Mann will likely be angry he didn't get his picture taken cutting the ribbon to open the "new" road.

  2. Thank You goes out to City of Menifee and especially to those property owners along this road! And really 12:40pm was that comment really necessary...lets start a 'new attitude' with our new city Council members.

    1. Do you really believe the leopard has changed its spots?