Two More Housing Tracts Approved for Audie Murphy Ranch

The Menifee City Council Wednesday approved the final map for two more tracts in the Audie Murphy Ra...

The Menifee City Council Wednesday approved the final map for two more tracts in the Audie Murphy Ranch housing development, clearing the way for the construction of an additional 206 lots on the property, located on the west part of town.

The tracts, totaling about 90 acres, are part of a planned development of 2,100 homes, plus a skate park and athletic complex. Construction has already begun on some tracts which were previously approved by the city council.

The tracts approved Wednesday include one parcel north of Newport Road and west of Murrieta Road, and another tract south of Newport at Goetz Road. Representatives of Sutter Mitland 01 LLC, the developer, were present at the meeting.

These approvals are a significant step in a development that has been more than 20 years in the making. In the past, it has been delayed by financial problems, environmental concerns and negotiations with the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians.

"In more than two decades, this project has faced one thing after another," Mayor Scott Mann said. "This is a significant step for our community."

One of the actions taken by the city council Wednesday was to approve an irrevocable offer of dedication, in which the developer will pay a $50,000 fee to construct a regional trail in a more accessible location than the one originally planned for Audie Murphy Ranch. According to Carmen Cave, community development director for the City of Menifee, the previous site identified for a trail was rejected because of fears of scarring and other negative impact on the natural landscape.

In each of its rural community development efforts, the City of Menifee works to comply with Riverside County's trails map, preserving land for multi-use trails.

Deputy major Wallace Edgerton also announced plans to name two streets in the new development after influential Menifee residents -- the late Fred Twyman, who served on the first Menifee City Council, and Marine Sgt. Nigel Kelly, a Menifee resident who was killed in action in Afghanistan in 2011.


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  1. Lovely so more traffic!

  2. Audie Murphy was a great American and war hero. I think his story should be told when ever and where ever possible. Time should be given to tell his story In Menifee schools and where possible In the new housing tract. The most decorated soldier of World War II should at leart have a statue and his story somewhere In the project. He was also a very good actor. Roy Hamand, Menifee

  3. Audie Murphy never lived on this property in fact it was sold to Bob Hope. Which was for Bob just an investment as it was for Mr. Murphy as well. Its a beautiful piece of property and I think the developer is doing a fabulous job of making it very up scale. Now, if we can just bring the folks in that can afford these type of homes, without having to drive for ever to work. Menifee and Mr. Mann really need to concentrate now on bringing white collar jobs here so we have a balance.

  4. Follow Murrietta plan community, not Temecula's. This towns not eager to be congested over run with traffic. Let's just take our time and grow nice and even.