Seniors Corner: Sun City K9 Adoptions Needs Funding

By Chuck Reutter

In the 1990s, Elizabeth Mardin served as President and adoptions Chair of The Sun City Friends of Animals, Inc. The group quickly ran out of homes for foster animals. As a result, Mardin started The Sun City K9 Adoptions with support from members of The Sun City Friends of Animals, Inc.

SCK9 is a small, private nonprofit located at 26510 Murrieta Road in the City of Menifee. SCK9 serves the Menifee Valley community by rescuing stray, abandoned, and unwanted dogs and cats and providing shelter for them until loving homes can be found for these animals. SCK9 is dependent on financial support from the community and is currently in need of substantial funding to continue operations.

Past fundraising efforts were led by Betty Raymond, who served the Sun City Friends of Animals, Inc. in the capacity of fundraising. Raymond started the tradition of using garage sales to raise funds and SCK9 continues this tradition. These garage sales can be up to four days and take place in various sites around the city of Menifee.

City Councilman Tom Fuhrman donated the use of his Wooden Nickel Ranch to host a Bar-B-Que along with “Western Games” to provide the attendees a very pleasant afternoon in the outdoors to help SCK9 raise funds.

SCK9 is in need of additional funding through private or corporate contributions to the organization. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful holiday for all of us if a grant writer could donate his/her time to write grants for SCK9 and still get the normal fee for this kind of work? Sounds like a win\win to me. How about you?

Editor's note: Chuck Reutter, a longtime resident of the Sun City area of Menifee, shares his thoughts on the senior scene here monthly.


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