Hans Christensen Students Try Their Hand at Voting Process

One of the most exciting parts about being in middle school has to be the creative experiences teachers come up with to teach mandatory curriculum. Social Studies teacher Annette Williams decided to make learning fun. So on Election Tuesday, she facilitated a mock vote, complete with polling place, voting booths, and ballots for her students as well as others at Hans Christensen Middle School.

Each period, her students were in charge of checking in "voters", who happened to be their peers, dispensing mock ballots, and collecting the votes. The campus multipurpose was decked out in red, white, and blue streamers and campaign signs.

"We just finished up the American Revolution, learning about the Bill of Rights, so the timing is perfect," Williams said.

A general air of excitement filled the auditorium as students carried out their responsibilities and deposited their ballots into the official ballot box. As eighth grader Kyle Tolle put it, "It's like I'm an adult. It understand it (the voting process) now and am excited to vote when we're allowed to."

Another student, Rocco Harriman, added, "I think it's a very good thing for us kids to learn about voting. We will register when we can because we get it more."


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