Menifee Residents Feel Earthquake Centered in Elsinore

Throughout Menifee, residents have reported feeling an earthquake and accompanying "bang" this morning about 6 a.m. According t...

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Throughout Menifee, residents have reported feeling an earthquake and accompanying "bang" this morning about 6 a.m.

According to Riverside County Fire Department officials and U.S. Geological Survey reports, the quake registered magnitude 3.4 and was centered in the Lake Elsinore area.

No damage has been reported, but residents posting on the Menifee 24/7 Facebook page report hearing a bang and feeling a shaking or rolling sensation.


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  1. Minor rumbling. The bang was probably a huge slab of rock underground cracking. Considering that all other natural disasters (hurricanes, tornado's, etc.) cause more damage and death every year in the United States than earthquakes ever do or have they don't really bother me.

    1. It was also very quick, but, certainly enough to make me sit straight up in bed & wonder if I should stay or head for the hills. We did have some pictures and things move around some.

    2. I was awake about to go outside and walk my dog. Both myself and the dog heard it, no movement only noise and the loud bang sound.

    3. Really! ? You prefer earthquakes to "other" natural disasters? And the "bang' was due to a huge slab of rock... etc." Are you a seismoligist-expert , or just a Pollyanna? it's apparent that you never experienced the Los Angeles area earthquake of january 17, 1994: buildings came off their foundations; Freeways, On and Off ramps collapsed; transformers exploded - no electricity, no cell phone, no gas to homes.
      Oddly, all of that relates directly to "no" water, 'no" heat, "no' electricity. OOOPS, kiddo: drinking and shower water was compromised and full of bacterial fungus: one had to add bleach, but only for drinking water.. But there were no showers, no cooking (as gas and electricity were shut down) Try that for a heat, no shower, no food.
      How about" food scalpers' in food wagons charging $10.00 for a bean burrito an abuse of the public as ATMS were shut down. Whatever you had in your pocket, these opportunists would take it all. Action by our Mayor had to be taken to criminalize these food bullies.
      We relied upon flashlights and lo!, batteries became unaffordable.

      Residential buildings collapsed, killing scores of people- displacing hundreds who survived. Others died of heart attacks due to the violent and terrifying shaking of the earth. I lost a friend in just that way.

      Dear foolish person, how can you possibly prefer one disaster over another? I had friends in the Birmingham tornados...they lost everything, literally, everything!
      But that same person had endured the 1994 earthquake. We commiserated.

      And imagine, if you can, days and days of after shocks- beginning at the 5.9 level, and on a sliding scale for several weeks, dropped off at the 3.4 you experienced this morning.

      Be careful what you wish for.

    4. To the 7:47 PM, who said the person wished for it or preferred it. The person said that other natural disasters cause more death and damage every year than earthquakes do. I for one have lived through all the major earthquakes in california for over 50 years and lived in northridge for the big one. Also lived in San Jose back in the late 80's for that big one. Yes, there was damage and destruction, but if you add up the death toll from all of these in the past 20 or 30 years in california and compare that to just hurricanes or tornados only in the past 10 years the statistics will prove that those are more devastating than earthquakes alone. Get your facts and statistics straight before your start slamming someone because you are afraid of earthquakes. Just be prepared and you'll be fine.

  2. I remember that quake but theres no need to attack anybody. He was just guessing at what the sound was... and what is bacterial fungus? There's no such animal.

    1. No attack was intended...only information. And yes, there is such a thing as bacterial fungus.
      I suggest you google it? It is Medical and lengthy and requires the reader's attention.

      Be Well!

  3. I heard the 'familiar' train sound and immediately knew we were about to experience a earthquake, and one quick hard shake and it was over. I guessed it at 3.7..later heard it was 3.4 another Santa Ana earthquake. Yes, I too was in the Northridge quake, I lived in Castaic at the time and had to take 4 different freeways just to get to work each morning.I'm sure the noise we heard had to do with the build up of magma and its high pressure of build up under ground, when it reaches a certain temperature it has to release..boom or bang as some mentioned. I think they meant to say bacterial-fungal.

  4. That bang is what woke me up! At that moment I knew and just waited for the shaking.



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