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As a baby grows, it seems nearly everything is a monumental moment. From the first footprints taken ...

As a baby grows, it seems nearly everything is a monumental moment. From the first footprints taken in the hospital room to monthly landmarks that first year of life, each little thing deserves a party and pictures, to say the least.

One of the sweetest traditions, literally, is for baby to celebrate his or her first birthday by smashing a birthday cake. Followed, of course, by endless picture taking and documenting.

Brian and Amanda, of Brian Plus Amanda Photography, add a professional touch to this monumental occasion by orchestrating a photo shoot with the specific purpose to Smash The Cake.

This special photo shoot usually takes place in the month leading up to, or right after, baby’s first birth date. Brian and Amanda shoot baby in a pretty posed setting with the cake in tact and balloons in the background. The second shot is of baby trying their cake (usually for the first time), and the subsequent adorable mess that is certain to follow.

“It’s funny because the baby usually doesn’t know what to do, so the mom will smash the cake for them,” Brian shares.

For heath reasons, Mom provides the cake and balloons for her baby while Brian and Amanda create and supply all other props and scene set-up. They will discuss cake and frosting colors ahead of time to ensure an aesthetic picture.

They offer an array of floor-scapes and backdrops and often include custom banners, chalk boards, and any other fun details to add to the ambiance.

Generally shot in studio at the couple’s home workplace, they provide a private bathroom complete with a bathtub to bathe sticky little babies after their cake shoot is complete.

These signature pictures are perfect for a first birthday invitation or thank-you cards after the fact.

Let them eat cake!

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