Menifee’s Newport Beautification Project Has Finally Begun

The City of Menifee has had plans to landscape the median on Newport Road, located to the west of Ha...

The City of Menifee has had plans to landscape the median on Newport Road, located to the west of Haun Road between the Circle K and Regent Property, for quite some time.

With the I’s dotted and the T’s crossed, the time has finally come to commence the planned construction. That is to say, all permits are in place and the logistics of the construction process and the actual landscaping itself is as ready as it will ever be.

In talking with Rob Johnson, Senior Manager for the Community Improvement Department, he said as far as planning, “ The main issue was getting water and electric services to the median.” Once that was in place, the project was all set to start.

This segment of the Newport Median Landscape Improvement Project along Newport Road will be the first of several median landscape improvement projects planned throughout the City. The first landscaping and monument signage has a price tag of $60,000.

This City Council approved project is set to improve and enhance one of our beloved City’s most highly trafficked main corridors using lush trees and water efficient plant life.

Over the course of the installation construction crews will add; 36-inch box Fruitless Olive trees, 24-inch box Crape Myrtle trees, drought tolerant California friendly shrubs, boulders, river rock, and decomposed granite areas to the median.

A new point-to-point drip irrigation system will maintain the foliage and will be the first part of the project to be installed. The plants will then be planted, and lastly the Menifee monuments will be erected toward the end of the project.

The two monuments welcoming all to the City of Menifee will stand proud at each end of this particular median landscape. Adame Landscape, Inc. is working on the beautification and plans to have it completed in two to three weeks.

With an official start date of June 26, 2012, construction crews actually began the installation yesterday. The City kindly asks motorists to remember to go slow for the cone zone to ensure both driver and construction crew safety.

Construction times are set for 9 AM to 3 PM daily until completion. Thank you, from the City of Menifee for your patience during this project.

For more information, please contact Rob Johnson, Senior Manager, Community Improvement Department ( or (951) 672-6777).


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  1. Would the city concentrate on fixing the traffic mess to get over the I-15 please. I mean it looks great but man at times it has taken me over 30 minutes to cross the I-15 at Newport and Scott road. RIDICULOUS.

  2. AGREED!!!!!!!!

  3. I AGREE WITH TODD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. If an accurate and un-biased traffic study was to be performed on the Newport Bridge traffic patterns it would surprise most people. The percentage of vehicles that actually enter and exit the freeways versus just traffic going over the bridge is tremendously different. It would be fair to say that the actual freeway traffic is less than 25% of ALL the traffic on the bridge. That leaves 75% of the actual traffice trying to just get over the bridge. Given this information it is obvious that we need another overpass.
    I actually observed an ambulance trying to get over this bridge yesterday with lights and sirens going and because of the traffic they were stuck for about 5 minutes until they were able to squeeze around. I hope for the sake of the person they were responding to that they are okay because this delay for emergency vehicles can be the difference between someone living or dying, or someone's house burning down or just suffering some damage.
    I really wish the planning department would take this situation more seriously. This situation is similar to what you always hear about in the news where residents complain about intersections or lack of stop signs, etc. and nothing is done until someone gets killed. Then within days or a few weeks traffic signals get installed or signs get posted.

  5. You would have thought they would have improved the overpass over the I-215 and Newport Road when the Countryside Market Place was built. Traffic in this area is basically constant gridlock in addition to the I-215 and Scott Road too. The traffic can't now be handled at Scott Road, and what will it be like if they build a Walmart there next year. I think the city could better spend money on making improvements like this to current infrastructure instead of some beautification project on Newport Road at Haun Road. How about repaving the section of Newport Road from Menifee Road to Antelope Road where thousands of drivers every day have to endure a rough and bumpy drive here.

  6. I like the idea of beautification, however,couldn't the city plant trees and flowers at 9PM instead? Newport is pretty quiet then and the job would be a lot faster to get done, and less time too. (less hours planting, less City money spent, less hassel for the drivers, less stress yelling at the City for NOT doing this at 9PM)

  7. 12:08p You raise some excellent questions. First, the city has done studies on this very subject. (after the fact, however) The problem occurred bez this wasn't a city yet, the approvals all came out of Riverside Supervisors Office (Mr. Stone and others) with the then developers building the homes here. The vision of the Riverside Supervisors were alittle blurred when giving the okay on the overpasses, how big they should be, how many lanes, etc etc. I'm not sure what the heck they were thinking, if at all. They had to know someone would be commuting out of the city to work since they didn't plan for any commerical or mfg parks here, meaning no jobs. How exactly did they think 'Joe Doe' was going to drive from I-215 to I-15 without driving over the over pass? I guess they thought everyone would be living on the west side of town...for the life of me can't think of any other reason they would have made these overpasses with so few lanes. Personnally, I think it had to do with developers money and the developer didn't want to spend a lot of money on roads nor bridges..period!



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