Menifee Wildcats JAAF 11th season in Menifee Valley

This fall football season will be the 11th season for the Menifee Wildcat Junior All American Football and Cheer organization in the Menife...

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This fall football season will be the 11th season for the Menifee Wildcat Junior All American Football and Cheer organization in the Menifee Valley. Originally founded by Steele Smith, and originally known as the Sun Valley Vikings, the Menifee Wildcat JAAF program has evolved and grown into a thriving youth football and cheer organization that mirrors the colors and logo of the Paloma Valley High School Wildcats. The partnership with the High School has also allowed the High School football players and cheerleaders to mentor and assist in the training and preparation of the youth football players for games and the cheer leaders for competitions. All practices and home games are held at Paloma Valley High School as well.

Menifee Wildcats JAAF is part of the southern California Junior All American Football and Cheer Program that is now 24 chapters strong with Chapters from cities all over Riverside County. The Menifee JAAF football program follows the rules and guidelines of the SCJAAF Conference whose objective is to; allow youths who may never play high school or college football to learn the fundamentals of the game, to teach sportsmanship, love of the game and the ability to take a few knocks and bumps, and to promote safe play by encouraging youths to play only in their own weight and age division. The SCJAAF Conference and its participating Chapters follow game rules according to the National Federation of State High School rules used by the C.I.F (more commonly known as C.I.F. rules).

Mary Valencia Menifee JAAF President for 7 years says, “Football and cheer is not like any sport your child will ever do in their lives. These children and their families will spend almost every day for a period of 4 months with each other. Bonds will be formed that will last a lifetime. I have seen time and again this brotherhood and sisterhood outside of the field. At school these children develop friendships that may not have even happened if it weren't for the sport.”

When asked what has contributed to the longevity of the Menifee Wildcat organization, Vice President Sam Davis said, “The integrity and support by all the volunteers, coaches, board members, and sponsors."

When asked what makes volunteering for the Menifee Wildcats JAAF organization so rewarding, Commissioner Phillip Hauser said, “It’s the people of Menifee and all the support they give. We have awesome parents and kids that make JAAF what it is today”.

What advice does Melanie Hunter Treasurer have for parents who are looking to put their child in a football program, but are not sure what to look for in an organization when making a decision?, “I would encourage the parents to learn the differences in the rules of the organizations. There are many similarities and many major differences. Some have no weight limits and it goes by age only. This can be an advantage for some and a big disadvantage for others. I think there are a lot of great organizations all around but make sure you join the one that is right for your child and family. Do your own research and do not rely on what "Johnny" said. Most of all make sure the organization has the right intentions in mind and is doing it for the youth, our future and nothing else.”

Registrations for the 2012 Menifee Wildcat JAAF season are going on now. Go to their website at for dates, locations and, times.