Menifee Veterans Memorial Day Event

The City of Menifee hosted a remembrance event in honor of the men and women who have died in milita...

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The City of Menifee hosted a remembrance event in honor of the men and women who have died in military service to our country. The event was held at the City of Menifee Veterans Memorial at Wheatfield Park.

The City of Menifee Veterans Memorial

Master Sgt. Lynn Mattocks of the USMC 

Command Chief Ed Yarbrough of the US Navy

Mayor John Denver (right) with Lt. Colonel Kenneth Dickson of the USAF and 67th State Assembly Candidate

Participants placed flags around the memorial in honor of fallen soldiers

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  1. It was nice to see all the flags, but later in the afternoon some kids came by and started taking the flags and throwing them around. Sad when younger generations just can't respect.

  2. to 9:13Pm, this should have been a teaching moment for you. Kids don't know, flags are sold in the store as play things and I'm assuming that's how they viewed them. However, the parents should be the true one's teaching them, but certainly when you saw them doing it, you should have walked over to them and quietly started to teach them the importance of the USA flag.

  3. It's not only kids who don't understand respectful protocol. Have you ever looked around at a local Little League or high school football game to see how many men do not remove their hats for the playing of the national anthem? We finally had to start announcing, "Will you all please rise and remove your hats for the posting of the colors" to get the adults to do the right thing. Kids can't learn if their elders don't provide role models.

  4. to 9:44am, Yes, I'm afraid you're right on adults as well. Parents didn't teach them either! I see grown men in church wearing hats, even in restaurants which I don't get either. There is no respect anymore for each other let alone the flag, as sad as that is. But, we must teach them bez apparently no one is going to, its not important to the parents...just go ask them! On second thought, maybe you shouldn't...

  5. Why can't Menifee hold a Memorial Day Parade? As a child and as an adult I always looked forward to honoring our veterans by standing and watching them proudly sit on top of a float waving at us.

  6. Memorial Day is typically more somber as it is a day to remember those that have given their lives in service to our Country. A Veterans Day Parade is more appropriate.



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