Menifee-Sun City Woman's Club Award Scholarships at Final Meeting

This year's board members with their letters of gratitude from the President of the United Sta...

This year's board members with their letters of gratitude
from the President of the United States
The Menifee-Sun City Woman's Club held their final meeting of this year's board yesterday at Webb Hall in Sun City. This meeting included a luncheon for the guests, along with an awards ceremony for the members. With so many woman serving as volunteers in the community, this year's board members were surprised with awards from several Senators, members of Congress, local government officials, and even a "Call to Service" award from the President of the United States.

Several local students were also lucky winners. The Woman's Club provided four different scholarships to Menifee students who they felt excelled in their field.
Allison Schlanger received a $1,000 high school level scholarship for her academic excellence and involvement. College student Aleena Acuna was awarded a $560 scholarship to help her get through the nursing program.

Allison Schlanger is awarded a $1,000 academic scholarship.
Aleena Acuna accepts her Nursing Scholarship.

Although not present for the ceremony, two other award winners were announced for their skill in the in the Crafts & Arts category. Emanuel Acosta received a $150 award for his photography, and Jessie Blanchette received $250 for her artwork.

Both students present at the ceremony were extremely grateful for their scholarships. "Every little bit helps," Aleena announced to the crowd.

To find out more about the Menifee-Sun City Woman's Club, visit their website here.


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