Menifee: Ken Dickson, MSJC Law Professor, Runs for State Assembly

The following is a message from Ken Dickson for State Assembly : As we walk or drive around our lo...

The following is a message from Ken Dickson for State Assembly:

ken dicksonAs we walk or drive around our local areas and see the campaign signs for candidates we don’t often stop to think about why they are doing it. At times we assume they are another career politician out for themselves. This election year brings us a different candidate, Ken Dickson, running for the 67th Assembly District seat.

In the case of Ken Dickson, we have someone who is running for a different set of goals. Ken longs to restore California to a place that supports family values, that holds government accountable, is fiscally responsible, and provides 21st century education for 21st century jobs.

Mr. Dickson’s interest extend from his experience as a United States Air Force Judge Advocate for the better part of 30 years, where he litigated government contracts with local and world-wide implications. Being raised in Kansas with core values and a sense of responsibility to your community are the attributes that draw Ken to a life of public service.

ken dicksonKen attained his BA in Economics from the University of Kansas and being a Distinguished Military Graduate of the Air Force ROTC, he was commissioned into the military & granted an educational delay to attend law school at Duke University in North Carolina where he earned his Juris Doctorate degree in 1973.

After completing his active duty as an Air Force Trial attorney, Ken became a Law Clerk for the Federal U.S. Judge Howard Turrentine in San Diego. While maintaining his military career in the AF reserves, he moved his family to Murrieta in 1992. Moving to Murrieta lead to becoming the full-time legal counsel for the Environmental Restoration Program at March Air Force Base.

Ken finished his Judge Advocate career as a Lt. Colonel in Colorado Springs at the Headquarters Air Force Space Command.

Once the military part of his career was complete, Ken was appointed to the Murrieta Valley School District Board of Trustees in 1998, where he has served for the last 12 years, winning re-election of the position twice and unopposed in the last election.

Being raised in a strong Christian household, Ken was influenced by his parents and immigrant grandparents, who came to America from Denmark & Germany to farm, to embrace our free enterprise system. His father, having been in the Navy as a highly decorated underwater demolition team leader during WWII & Korean War, taught him to develop a strong work ethic. Ken would shovel snow, managed a paper route, complete the yard work, and help with the house cleaning as part of his responsibility to his family. He also dug trenches with pipeline construction crew in his early jobs, which he say “ I learned compassion and great respect for those engaged in honest hard physical occupations who have helped build our economy and our country.”