Menifee 24/7 Non-profit of the Month: United Way

United Way established their Menifee location less than a year ago with the simple mission to serve ...

United Way established their Menifee location less than a year ago with the simple mission to serve the people of Menifee. Their parent office, the Central Country United Way, is headquartered in the neighboring city of Hemet.

In just several months time, along side the City of Menifee, United Way has been instrumental in organizing and facilitating the first ever Menifee Half Marathon. As their first big event, United Way is proud to present this inaugural tradition that will hopefully continue for years to come.

What does United Way do?

While continuing to increase their reach, Menifee United Way prides their organization in building community resources and then directing these resources towards community needs.

United Way uses many means to accomplish their goals, some of which include: writing for grants, supporting local non-profits, contributing to community programming such as the Arts Council Menifee, and donating to other organizations.

When determining who to help, they choose organizations with an unmet need as well as looking for organizations in need of assistance.

Their Main Mission:

Menifee United Way President, Bob Duistermars, says, “Our bottom line is community service. (We do what we do) so that the residents of Menifee have what they need right here in their city. There is no reason they should have to travel out of Menifee to find the services and programs they want and need.”

Left to right: Bob Duistermars, President & CEO; Connie hall, Vice President; Ken Shaw, Director of Special Projects; Denise Cruz, Director of Retired & Senior Volunteer Programs; Nicole Valle, Director of Senior Devices; Susan Weeks, Director of Finance.

What have they accomplished so far?

Since opening their Menifee office in August of 2011, United Way has already been able to make considerable donations to Sun City Concern and the Arts Council Menifee.

And of course, they have been working hard to give Menifee their very own Marathon, which serves to make Menifee all the more official.