McDonald’s Plans Another Menifee Location

The prevalence of a McDonald’s on every corner is pretty much a given. As Menifee grows, naturally s...

The prevalence of a McDonald’s on every corner is pretty much a given. As Menifee grows, naturally so will the number of golden arch locations.

McDonald’s Area Construction Manager, Brian Hardy, pitched the franchises preliminary plans for a new Menifee McDonald’s location to Menifee’s Planning Commission in a workshop held earlier this week.

The goal of this early, information dense presentation was to cover all the bases before their plans go to an actual approval vote on May 22nd.

Hardy said, “Our objective today is to vet any potential issues and prepare. Our main goal is to address everything and come back in two weeks with an approvable plan.”

Planning Commissioner Bill Zimmerman remarked, “It’s a lot to quickly digest, we’re glad you’re taking the steps (early on).”

If all proceeds as planned, this new location should be under construction by early June and ready to serve up happy meals and McNuggets by October 2012. The project would employ approximately 100 local workers.

The proposed location is on a currently undeveloped 1-acre lot on Newport Road, between Bradley and Winter Hawk.

The location will be standard size, at about 4,000 square feet. Hardy mentioned, “This size would adequately support the demand of the surrounding market.”

Local franchise owners and operators, Alex Mestas and his daughter Anne Marie Mestas, currently run the Sun City Location on Bradley Road and are looking forward to further serving their community with a second location.

The new building’s aesthetics will be similar to the existing Sun City location, with some different materials such beautiful as oyster tiling and an upgraded look, commonly seen on newer McDonald’s locations statewide.

This location would feature a state of the arc kitchen, a second order point to help with stacking congestion, and a well thought out loading zone and separate road access.

The two-lane order system allows for a bypass option for slower cars, and enables the restaurant to serve approximately 50 cars in half an hour, whereas the one lane order point typically served 50 cars every hour.

The drive-thru, parking lot, and access roads have all been planned with optimum traffic flow and ease of navigation in mind. The Planning Commission voiced concerns over what would happen to the rear access road once the adjacent vacant plots are developed.

Construction design was planned with future additions in mind. As the shopping center grows, planters, curbs, and driveways can be added on to create a consistently efficient traffic flow.

The plans have been created with the current traffic on Newport Road in mind, and the layout of the parking lot and drive-thru will alleviate any potential issues.

Every last detail was discussed at the workshop, including McDonald’s intended monument signage, landscaping, and curb placement in the parking lot.

Permits are pending and building plans have been submitted. So long as the Planning Commission passes the proposal with a yay vote, Menifee should be home to another favorite fast food establishment by Halloween this year.


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  1. NOOOOOOOO! No more fast food here, I'll personally tell everyone I know to try to stop it! Where are the HEALTHY places to eat. Look at McDonald's food 2 years later, it still looks the same. Wonder why? Don't eat it! Boycott McDonald's!

  2. I concur the last thing needed here is a nasty mcdonald's, all those calories and all that fat, is just bad for human consumption. I hope and wish that they DO NOT end up building that mcdonald's there. I dislike mcdonalds with a passion I can't stand it. I just hope there are more Sun City/Menifee residents that agree, so they can't built it.

  3. So much for the vegans. They are probably the same two that voted against Walmart.

  4. If you don't like it don't eat there.I happen to like it.If no one but me likes it they will probably close very quickly and you will get your wish.

  5. I don't like McDonald's either, but I am all for choices! Unlike some others, I won't put my choice ahead of others. Menifee can always do with another McDonald's. I want more places to come! Come on Tacos Tijuana, Jamba Juice, Sonic, Burger King, TGIF, Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Claim Jumpers, etc. I may not eat at all of those places, but it would be nice to have choices!!!

  6. We need another McDonalds, and this is a very good location for them. McDonalds does have very good salads, and good fruit drinks. You dont have to buy the fatty foods, any more than you would if you went to Coco's, or Dennys. Btw, we are slowly (granted) getting better restaurants in town, but we need to stay positive in moving our little city forward, way too much negativeness here. Like 10:07p said, if you don't like McD's eat someplace else, I'm sure downtown Sun City has a few cafes you like.

  7. Opinions are opinions. If you don't like it, don't eat it. I'm sure that some folks would love to have this near their homes. I for one would prefer a El Pollo Loco, but that's my preference.
    The valid concerns that we all need to be noting in our city is the traffic problems. We cannot just keep opening more and more businesses without addressing the serious traffice situation.

  8. to 3:45am, the City is addressing the traffic problems, go to North County Times and you will see the picture of the Newport overpass and the discussion story attached. The City is also addressing other overpasses as well, it just takes time. Unfortunately, Riverside County didn't have a vision in mind when this little city started growing, housing development and roads should have been a priority with the County folks in determining how many folks are living in the new housing tracks and how many would be traveling on these streets and overpasses to work outside the city, it didn't happen. Just look at Scott Rd, the overpass was built entirely too small for all the housing development that came in that area. It wasn't addressed correctly right from the start. You can blame the County for that and not the new formed city of Menifee. Hopefully, it will correct itself in the near future IF we can find the money.

  9. I like the Idea, but I would rather see it on Haun Rd behind Circle K or Newport and Antelope Corner Opposite of Shell Gas Station.

  10. menifee needs another fast food restaurant, like it needs another tanning salon, nail salon, or any other useless store, how about more family oriented restaurants where you can actually sit down and enjoy spending time with you family, or a place for kids to go instead roaming the streets and getting into trouble, like a bowling alley, or skating rink... there just happens to be a vacant alberstons that can accommodate either...

  11. Why? They are just going to do what every other new business here did not too long ago (remember them, all of those shiny new ones on Haun and the one over off of Ethanac?)... transfer existing employees over here from other surrounding cities, giving us local citizens chomping at the bit for ANY WORK, the shaft. This new McDeath won't be any different from the rest, and they'll leave us with EVEN MORE traffic congestion just to add a little more insult to the injury. Great! Just what we need!

    By the way, we're still going to make the drive to In-N-Out... they actually prepare and serve REAL food!

  12. 11:53a, McDonalds is a franchise, and if you had read the article you would have noticed its owned by a family, that family also owns the MCD off of Bradley at McCall. They will NOT transfer anyone one from some place else bez they dont own any place else, they own the one I just mentioned. Therefore, they 'will' hire new employees, as they said they would. You have to understand how franchises work.

  13. 5:49p I tend to agree with you. Albertsons building could be broken up into two sides, and one side a bowling alley and the other perhaps a skating rink (if they still do that). The best direction would be to ask the teenagers or young folks here in town what they would like to see brought in to do. I don't know if young folks skate nor bowl anymore, this was what we did as young people but, things have changed..Your best bet would be to ask them. I'd still like to see a water slide like they have at Diamond Valley, I think that would be very very successful here. And of course, Movie houses, we certainly have enough folks now to support these type of activities. Instead of reading the Crime Report of drugs, and driving a indicator to me, of nothing to do in Menifee....

  14. movies, bowling, skating rink...all great choices, would rather give money to menifee than temecula/murrieta for family outings... if we can support super target, texas roadhouse, and all the rest, we can surely support a movie theater! sad that no one realizes how much they can make offering us some entertainment. wish the furniture store on antelope would have been a movie theater. its a great furniture store, but with furniture row not that far south, seemed kind of redundant and i'm surprised in this economy they'd do enough business to make all that spending worth it.

  15. I'm all for them coming. Would like more restaurants like Farmer Boy's, Applebee's TGIFriday's and Claim Jumper would be great. Locating on Newport & Antelope would be a mistake and I don't think city would allow anyway...traffic there is do right terrible. Next to Circle K on Newport would be good.

  16. Yes, the McDonald's means for jobs/employment for our City. They will being hiring local people and yes it will be locally owned by the family that operates on Bradley Rd.

  17. Hopefully, we will have a movie theater and one that offers economical rates for tickets. Would be also nice to see Lone Star Steakhouse come to Menifee.

  18. Bowling