McDonald’s Plans Another Menifee Location

The prevalence of a McDonald’s on every corner is pretty much a given. As Menifee grows, naturally s...

The prevalence of a McDonald’s on every corner is pretty much a given. As Menifee grows, naturally so will the number of golden arch locations.

McDonald’s Area Construction Manager, Brian Hardy, pitched the franchises preliminary plans for a new Menifee McDonald’s location to Menifee’s Planning Commission in a workshop held earlier this week.

The goal of this early, information dense presentation was to cover all the bases before their plans go to an actual approval vote on May 22nd.

Hardy said, “Our objective today is to vet any potential issues and prepare. Our main goal is to address everything and come back in two weeks with an approvable plan.”

Planning Commissioner Bill Zimmerman remarked, “It’s a lot to quickly digest, we’re glad you’re taking the steps (early on).”

If all proceeds as planned, this new location should be under construction by early June and ready to serve up happy meals and McNuggets by October 2012. The project would employ approximately 100 local workers.

The proposed location is on a currently undeveloped 1-acre lot on Newport Road, between Bradley and Winter Hawk.

The location will be standard size, at about 4,000 square feet. Hardy mentioned, “This size would adequately support the demand of the surrounding market.”

Local franchise owners and operators, Alex Mestas and his daughter Anne Marie Mestas, currently run the Sun City Location on Bradley Road and are looking forward to further serving their community with a second location.

The new building’s aesthetics will be similar to the existing Sun City location, with some different materials such beautiful as oyster tiling and an upgraded look, commonly seen on newer McDonald’s locations statewide.

This location would feature a state of the arc kitchen, a second order point to help with stacking congestion, and a well thought out loading zone and separate road access.

The two-lane order system allows for a bypass option for slower cars, and enables the restaurant to serve approximately 50 cars in half an hour, whereas the one lane order point typically served 50 cars every hour.

The drive-thru, parking lot, and