"Dunk A Professor" Fundraiser Held at MSJC

Professors at the Menifee MSJC campus found an intriguing way to cool off in the heat – being fully submerged in a dunk tank. Students and staff alike had the opportunity to indulge in some good spirited payback while also raising money for the school.

"It was really cool to see our professors getting involved with what goes on on campus," admits Dennise Castro, a full-time student at MSJC. "And especially since finals are coming up this month, it is nice to get a little bit of frustration out by throwing balls and dunking them."

The Student Government Association on campus created the dunk tank and BBQ festival in order to raise money for student scholarships. A similar student run event took place on the San Jacinto campus earlier this week.

State Assembly candidate Ken Dickson was one of the local community members who made it over to MSJC in order to partake in the student fair. Several other local business and colleges set up tents at the event to show their support.

Ken Dickson eagerly awaits his turn to be plunged into the tank as students take their shot at the target.

MSJC Student James Parrison joins the festivities and helps grill some delicious food for the hungry crowd.
English Professor Larry Barkley sits upon the throne, waiting for a member of the crowd with a strong arm to send him into the tank.

To find out more about upcoming events on the MSJC campus, visit their site at www.msjc.edu.


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