City of Menifee Code Enforcement Division: Temporary Sign Program Information

The following is a public notice issued by the City of Menifee regarding its temporary sign ordinance that will begin June 1, 2012...

The City of Menifee utilizes the City’s Temporary Sign Ordinance (Number 806 as adopted) to balance multiple community goals – to preserve and enhance the aesthetic, traffic safety, and environmental values of our communities and growing commercial and industrial areas. Effective June 1, 2012, Menifee Code Enforcement will begin the Temporary Sign Program which will involve continued community education and proactive enforcement of temporary sign regulations. The following information is designed to provide the public with information regarding the City’s position on temporary signage with hopes that through education, the City of Menifee and its citizen can make a collaborative effort to keep temporary signage to a minimum.

For further information on Temporary Sign Regulations, please contact the City of Menifee Code Enforcement Division and/or the City of Menifee Planning Department at (951) 672-6777.

For the purposes of this article, the following words or phrases shall be defined (per Ordinance No. 806) as follows:

  • SIGN means any structure, housing device, figure, statuary, painting, display, message, placard, or other contrivance, which is designed, constructed, created, engineered, intended or used to provide data or information for advertising purposes.
  • TEMPORARY SIGN means a sign that is not intended to be permanent. Temporary signs shall not be constructed or erected upon a permanent foundation or attached to a sign structure having a permanent foundation. Temporary signs shall include non-commercial signs (including non-commercial signs during an election period), real estate signs, yard or garage sale signs or event signs. All other commercial signs, not constructed or erected on a permanent foundation are prohibited by this ordinance.

Temporary signs are not allowed within the Public Rights of Way

What types of temporary signs are allowed by the Sign Ordinance No. 806?

Temporary signage allowed by the City’s Ordinance includes the following:

  • non-commercial signs
  • non-commercial signs during an election period
  • real estate signs
  • yard or garage sale signs
  • event signs*

*NOTE: Please contact the City of Menifee Planning Department for further information on event signs.

What types of temporary signs are not allowed per Sign Ordinance No. 806?

All temporary commercial signs are prohibited by the City’s Ordinance. Temporary commercial signs include, but are not limited to:

  • A-frame
  • streamers
  • sandwich board signs
  • balloons
  • banners
  • pennants
  • bandit signs
  • fluttering devices designed to attract attention
  • feathers
  • any other temporary sign intended for the purpose of sales

How will the sign regulation be enforced?

The City of Menifee Code Enforcement Division aims for voluntary compliance through education. If a sign is in violation of the temporary sign ordinance Code Enforcement will make every effort to achieve compliance by doing the following: contacting the sign owner, explaining the City’s temporary sign ordinance, and requesting voluntary compliance prior to enforcement action.

Once Code Enforcement has exhausted all efforts to achieve voluntary compliance, Code Enforcement will then proceed with the enforcement process.

Signs located in the public right-of-way (sidewalks, meridians, telephone poles), on public property, or which pose a danger to public health and safety will be removed immediately and disposed of without reimbursement to the sign owner.


  1. Sounds reasonable to me. Population is growing. Need to keep all the sales sigs to a minimum.

  2. If their is more than one business in a building, how can we put up a sign to let people know we are in the same building. Their are light poles on the buildings private property which we could attach a fixed sign to. How could we get permission to attach a sign to them? so the would meet code.