Live Entertainment Comes to Menifee Lakes Country Club

Richard Lee is a travelling musician of sorts. Having lived all over the United States he has perfor...

Richard Lee is a travelling musician of sorts. Having lived all over the United States he has performed in venues large and small, for dimly lit bars and to crowds of over a thousand.

To the auditory delight of local residents this acoustic guitar playing, harmonica humming, song singing extraordinaire has ended his world tour to hang his hat in Menifee where he will play at various venues throughout the week.

richard lee
Every other Thursday you can find Richard strumming away, comfortably perched atop a stool in the Mountain View Lounge at Menifee Lakes Country Club. It is safe to say, with decades of experience under his belt, he knows nearly every song and has written over two hundred tunes of his own.

Having grown up in Mississippi his all time favorite style is the distinctive sound of the blues. Teaching himself to play the guitar and performing for audiences since age 15, Richard is well versed in what people like to hear.

richard lee

Because he plays to please, his repertoire includes well-known classics ranging from the Plain White Tees and Tom Jones, to Johnny Cash, modern day Toby Keith, and the Beatles.

Richard says, “Most people want music they can sing to. You know you’re doing well when you see toes tapping.”

And there in lies his success. Not only is he experienced and extremely talented in the musical realm, but he reads the crowd to ensure everyone is having the best possible time, which not surprisingly, they always are.

There is a magnetism about him that elevates his live sets to a new level of entertainment. He reiterates, “I truly love what I do. I love playing, I love singing, I love the crowd. It’s what I live for.”

richard leeAt this point he admits, “I’m not looking to be a rock star (anymore), it’s about the music and making people happy.”

For an evening of quality entertainment come enjoy Richard Lee's acoustic performance, tonight at Menifee Lakes Country Club.

To contact Richard for bookings, you can find him at or by phone at (