Chambers of Commerce Recognize March Students of the Month

The student of the month program was originated over ten years ago to honor and encourage those stud...

The student of the month program was originated over ten years ago to honor and encourage those students making a real effort to excel in both their school and community. Over that time the community, in turn, has really stepped up to support this endeavor.

While Perris and Menifee Chambers of Commerce host the luncheon, local businesses are also incredibly generous donating all sorts of goodies to gift each of the four handpicked high school seniors every month. Teachers and staff select a nominee from hundreds of talented students at each of their respective schools.

Paloma Valley High School film students were on hand at the celebratory luncheon to capture the memorable event. They will take the footage and create a keepsake DVD for each of the student's families.

students of the month
Each nominated student displays exemplary character, integrity, a love of learning, the ability to persevere, service to their community, and a committed effort to making a difference on their high school campus. This month’s honorary students are:

-Kathleen Rose Brosterhous, from Paloma Valley High School
-Christina M Estrada, from Perris High School
-Jorge Alberto Gallejos, from Heritage High School
-Joselin Guadalupe Rios, from Perris Lake High School

Superintendent of the Perris Union High School District, Jonathon Greenberg, proudly opened up the March 7th Student of the Month luncheon emphasizing what an unbelievable honor such a recognition really is. Each student was presented with multiple certificates of recognition signed and presented by the city, state, and even federal dignitaries.

Greenberg said, “Part of becoming an adult is understanding you did not do it alone,” and each student went on to acknowledge just that with a short speech. Before announcing the first student he stood at the podium, tissue box in hand, preparing the audience for touching stories of perseverance, struggle, and ultimately, success.

students of the month
Paloma Valley High School’s student of the month Kathleen Rose Broserhous was the first to make her acceptance speech, explaining how she climbed to where she is today and her plans going forward. Even at her young age she knowingly states, “I commit my future to the service of others.”

Kathleen’s NJROTC instructor, Master Sergeant Frank Puebla, described her as a natural leader, able to take the task at hand to the next level, saying “She is the best of the best.”

Perris High School’s student of the month Christina M. Estrada is among the brightest students at her school, boasting an above perfect GPA of 4.233. At only fifth in her class of 504 students, her principal, Lynne Sheffield, proclaims Christina “a hidden jewel.”

Christina shared that one of the things she will take with her from her high school experience is that aside from getting good grades, it was really about being a part of things and being involved.

Heritage High School’s student of the month Jorge Alberto Gallegos has maintained a 4.0 GPA and continues to lead his peers by excellent example. According to his ASB advisor, Renee Garcia, not once had he let his hearing disability deter him from achieving his goals.

It is this perseverance and determination that has brought Jorge to where he is today, and will continue to ensure his success throughout life. He expressed his gratitude for all of the support he has received from his friends and family, and how they have taught him to never give up.

Perris Lake High School’s student of the month Joselin Guadalupe Rios has overcome some tremendous challenges to be able to stand as proudly smiling as she does today. Perris Lake Principal Dr. Narciso Iglesias compares her to the little choo choo that could, and will, achieve her goals and dreams.

There was a point when Joselin was overcome with depression, feeling lost and suicidal, it took the love and support of her mother and brother to help her recover. In receiving help from others she has discovered her passion for helping others and plans to pursue just such a profession.

As the school year comes to a close, past students of the month are eligible and are encouraged to apply for an even higher honor, student of year.

The Perris and Menifee Valley Chambers of Commerce wish them the best in their endeavors. If you would like to learn more about the Student of the Month Program, please contact founder, Sally Myers, at (951) 506-8024.

students of the month
Pictured left to right; Mike Castillejos, Menifee Valley Chamber of Commerce; Dorothy Wolons, CEO/President, Menifee Valley Chamber of Commerce; Mayor Pro Tem Tom Fuhrman, City of Menifee; Christina M. Estrada, Perris High School; Jorge Alberto Gallegos, Heritage High School; Joselin Guadalupe Rios, Perris Lake High School; Kathleen Rose Brosterhous, Paloma Valley High School; Mayor Daryl Busch, City of Perris; Councilman Mark Yarbrough, City of Perris; and Jonathan Greenberg, Superintendent, Perris Union High School District.


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