Host A Foreign Exchange Student

College students often talk about studying abroad in Europe or Asia, somewhere across the globe. But...

College students often talk about studying abroad in Europe or Asia, somewhere across the globe. But to students already living “around the world” California is abroad.

Did you know you could host a foreign exchange student right here in your Menifee home? Cultural Homestay International is a non-profit educational exchange program looking for families to host students.

It’s a unique opportunity to volunteer and give back in a way that promotes cultural understanding and public diplomacy. In exchange you and your family will gain a lifelong friendship and innumerous memories of the experience you share with your student.

foreign exchange student{Host mother, Alena, & exchange student, Elena}

The academic coordinator for Cultural Homestay International, Alena Butler, shares with Menifee 24/7 her own rewarding experience hosting a student in her home.

"I am the proud host parent to a beautiful exchange student from Rome, Italy. Her name is Elena and she has been a blessing to our family…She has become part of our family and will always be my daughter."

She goes on to tell us of the patience, courage, and cultural diversity that Elena has taught them during her 10-month stay in the United States. She has not only adapted to her host home, but has also taught them things about her own culture and way of life back in Italy.

Alena concludes her story by saying, “These students are truly amazing, and such a gift to their host families. It has broadened our horizons and for that I am forever grateful.”

Students ranging in age from 15 to 18 years old come to America from all over the world every year, and each one needs a host family while they are here. Families have the option to partake in the selection process of choosing a student to ensure a good fit for their home.

Host families provide shelter, basic food, and support for their student, but what they receive in return is worth so much more. Academic coordinators act as the liaison between host families, the student, and the school so communication is relatively seamless.

Cultural Homestay International poses to the public to “Be part of the change and reach out to build a bridge to a new America.”

For more information about hosting a student please contact Academic Coordinator, Alena Butler at (760) 717-3440 or email her at

Cultural Homestay International (CHI)
Toll free: (877) 906-9852


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