Bell Mountain Middle School Students Donate Raised Funds to Sun City K-9 Shelter

Lauris Moxley’s Special Needs class at Bell Mountain Middle School has been working long and hard t...

Lauris Moxley’s Special Needs class at Bell Mountain Middle School has been working long and hard to collect recyclables during lunchtime on campus. Collecting about $20 each week in bottles and cans, Ms. Moxley’s class decided to donate $100 to the Sun City K-9 Shelter located off of Murrieta Road in Sun City.

Kim Stockton, Emily Curry, and Sharla Anderson are three members of the shelter who stopped by the classroom on January 27th in order to accept the donation from the students.

“We really appreciate all the hard work you guys have done to help support the animals,” Anderson says, addressing the room at large.

Above, the students listen enthusiastically as K-9 Staff Member Kim Stockton speaks to them about tips for caring for your pets.

Three para-professionals who work with the kids were also there to present Sun City K-9 with the donation.

“I really love the facility and the fact that it is no kill,” says Lynne Hartung, one para-professional who came up with the idea to donate the money the kids raised. “I rescued a dog awhile ago that had some extra supplies. I donated them to Sun City K-9 because I really love that facility.”

Ms. Moxley believes that the recycling program is a great opportunity for her students to be able to interact with other students on campus.

“It’s good for other students to see our group as contributing members,” she says. Ms. Moxley hopes to be able to make other students on campus more aware of their recycling program and hopes to be able to get more recycling bins placed around campus.

Para-professional Suzette Perez also agrees that the interaction between the students has been extremely positive and beneficial.

“Other students have been very supportive,” she admits. “Some kids even bring their bottles and cans to our classroom.”

Left, Andrew Phanouvong, who Ms. Moxley says was the "most enth