Provecho Modern Mexican Grill Now Open

Provecho Modern Mexican Grill , a new restaurant at Sun City Shopping Center that we wrote about last week, officially opened to the public ...

Provecho Modern Mexican Grill, a new restaurant at Sun City Shopping Center that we wrote about last week, officially opened to the public last Tuesday.

Pat Thurman visited Provecho and offered the following review...

Last night four of us went to the opening of the new restaurant "Provecho Modern Mexican Grill" in the Sun City Shopping Center. When you walk through the doors the atmosphere portrays a very calm restful mood. What once was Mi Casa, has been transformed into a clean inviting restaurant with aromas from the kitchen that are unbelievable.

We were seated immediately and our waiter was very helpful when questions were asked concerning so many wonderful sounding creations that Chef Ronnie prepares as ordered on the menu, and from only the freshest ingredients that he gets daily for his culinary cuisines. No cans are opened in his kitchen!

I ordered a taco and an enchilada and when it came I could not believe my eyes. It was arranged on my plate in such an inviting fashion that I could not wait to try it. Chef Ronnie takes a taco and enchilada and turns it into one of the best Mexican creations I have ever tasted. I was always happy with the regular tacos, enchiladas, tamales and other items served at other Mexican eateries, but what you are served in Provecho is so wonderful it is hard to describe except that I want to go back soon for more.

During our meal, staff came by and explained their menu and made a point to tell us that if "We don't see some item we want to try, make sure and ask about it because they have the ingredients to make it in the kitchen." As we were leaving we were greeted by one of the new owners and between her enthusiasm and explanations on how things are run in this restaurant and what she hopes to achieve in satisfying the Sun City/Menifee residents with a taste from Chef Ronnie's Mexican Peruvin culinary creations that hopefully will keep us wanting more.

One word of advice, when you go to Provecho do not be in a hurry because when your food is being prepared it starts from scratch and will be so mouth watering appealing that you will be just like us and are already planning another trip back there real soon.

Thanks Pat for the review!


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