Non-profit Pumpkin Patch Pops up off Newport Road

Just off the Newport exit between Haun and Bradley Road, under a green and white striped tent you will find row upon row of bright orange pumpkins. A seasonal pumpkin patch by any means, hay and hopeful pumpkins take over a once empty lot.

non-profit pumpkin patch
non-profit pumpkin patch
But these festive pumpkins are particularly special in that the proceeds from each and every sale benefits a locally run non-profit program called New Life Ministries.

Their faith-based organization helps to rehabilitate affected persons through substance treatment programs.

Half of the entire crop (of pumpkins) on display at the patch actually comes from the 16-acre New Life Ranch in Hemet. The other half of these fine orange specimens is sourced from local farms and properties.

You can be sure your fall d├ęcor is not only locally sourced, but benefitting people in need. Now that sounds as good as, well, pumpkin pie.
non-profit pumpkin patch
non-profit pumpkin patch


  1. I wish I could come back to my hometown and get a pumpkin. Sure, pumpkins are messy while being carved, there are always a few smashed on the streets, and some people forget they have them and they rot, but pumpkins are such and iconic part of this time of the year that if you are a festive sort, you have at least one. Well, festive and allergic to pumpkins is one other excuse... Anyway! Good luck pumpkins! Delight some folks with your tough skin and tasty insides!