Golden State Paranormal Research Society Gives Presentation at Sun City Library

A local gathering of supernatural fans met at the Sun City Library on October 19th in order to share their paranormal encounters with one another. This group was led by the Golden State Paranormal Research Society, which is a group dedicated to “helping people to understand unexplainable events whether paranormal or not, and the integrity to admit when it is not.”

golden state paranormal research societyWith Halloween near approaching, the appeal of all things supernatural seems to escalate for each of us. Ghost stories are often passed around among family and friends alongside reruns of shows like Ghost Hunters and the screening of movies such as Paranormal Activity 3.

However, ghost stories prove to be much more real for people like Nick and Jessica, who are both members of the Golden State Paranormal Research Society. Nick and Jessica are merely two volunteers out of nearly 30 people “from various walks of life that love history and care about the community we live in.” Nick strongly believes that you should take shows like the aforementioned “with a grain of salt. Remember, they are after all still TV shows.”

As the spokesperson at this event, Nick began the meeting with a very informative PowerPoint presentation filled with information on the different types of paranormal activity, as well as the specific types of tools they use on their investigations. Having brought in tangible examples of tools such as the different types of cameras, voice recorders, thermometers, and EMF meters, Nick was able to thoroughly describe the uses of each device.

Perhaps the most highly anticipated part of the presentation was when Nick reached the evidence portion of the meeting. The audience was presented with numerous photographs taken by his investigation teams. Nick was careful to point out, though, that while there were several instances when he was unable to identify certain objects, a lot of times certain “orbs” and “lights” were the results of shadows and camera flashes.

The end of the presentation included audio snips taken from several different investigations. Unexplainable noises, breaths, and voices were documented, and Nick encouraged the audience members to point out these occurrences and deduce what they might mean before giving his own opinion, allowing the listeners to draw their own conclusions first.

As a member of the Golden State Paranormal Research Society since 2008, Nick admits that it is important to consider all possibilities when you think you have standing evidence of some type of paranormal activity on your property; things such as loose pipes, infestations, and a house settling cause a large portion of what people claim to be paranormal phenomena.

“The best thing you can do,” he admits, “is simply to write it down – even if that means keeping a journal in every room. When you document these different occurrences it is easier for you, or even for us, to notice specific patterns present in the incidents.”

The Golden State Paranormal Research Society is always looking for “volunteers from various walks of life that love history and care about the community they live in.” The group has embarked on countless investigations across the Inland Empire, and has even travelled as far north as Bakersfield. This volunteer organization obtains all of their research equipment with their own individual funding, and provides their investigation services to the public free of charge.

You can find out more about this program at or contact the society at once both of these sites are put back online.


  1. You can find them on Facebook too

  2. This was such a cool program! It was really cool to hear how they conduct their research, see the different tools they use and how people can best record their own paranormal experiences.