City Attorney Karen Feld Resigns

Menifee city attorney Karen Feld officially offered her letter of resignation last night during a closed city council session. Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith, the firm with which Feld was referred by, is ceasing its contract with the city effective November 1, 2011.

The move comes just a week after the city council announced it had successfully won litigation against the City of Perris over a parcel of land in Romoland.

No official reason was given for the termination of contract.

As for who will take over as the new city attorney, the city council voted to task Bill Rawlings, the city manager, to find an interim city attorney. The council also voted to retract its existing RFP (request for proposal) on a new attorney, and have Rawlings write a new RFP.

"Karen won three lawsuits in quick succession, which we absolutely applaud her for." said Sue Kristjansson, the city's newest councilmember.

Councilmember Darcy Kuenzi added, "I understand that Karen is looking to move on to bigger and better things, and is applying to be a judge, and will make a fabulous person on the bench".

Karen Feld announced, "I want to clarify that this resignation is the result of my firm's decision, 100%. I want to thank the staff, they have been so good, so amazing. I'm so proud of all the things we've done. I'm not leaving with any ill will, I'm not holding any grudges. Sometimes change is very good."

Feld continued, "I want to thank John Denver for how much you've done for the arts in this community. I want to thank Tom Fuhrman, I always think of him as the class clown, he's really pushing the historical Menifee. Councilmember Kristjansson, I really appreciate your business acumen, you're going to bring a good economic background to this town. And Darcy Kuenzi, I appreciate your passion and dedication to this city, you're really trying to get things done. Mayor Edgerton, I appreciate you, you're a long standing leader and pillar of this community. And all of you even though you all have disagreements that's to be expected, but its been a such pleasure working with you this year and a half, it's been an honor."


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