New York's Upper Crust Pizza: Secret Recipes Deliver Sensational Tastes

Nestled in Menifee Countryside Marketplace just off Newport Road you will find a perfect little pizz...

Nestled in Menifee Countryside Marketplace just off Newport Road you will find a perfect little pizza place, reminiscent of the traditional New York pizzeria complete with visible brick pizza oven. Appropriately named New York’s Upper Crust Pizza, this pizza place is everything you desire in a restaurant.

The first thing you will notice upon entering Upper Crust is the lively atmosphere and the incredible aroma of marinara meets melted mozzarella. What you don’t yet know is that every single one of Upper Crust’s carefully sourced ingredients used in crafting each authentic Italian dish was specifically selected with your taste buds in mind. Daily deliveries bring farm fresh produce, fresh cuts of never frozen meat, and whole blocks of cheese to stock their kitchen so that they may offer you a healthy, yet truly delectable dining experience.

new yorks upper crust pizza
In addition to the quality of the ingredients, each and every recipe (while well kept to secrecy) is authentic in nature straight from the New York kitchen of two Brooklyn born and raised Sicilian Americans. Each recipe has been tried and tasted to perfection before being introduced, only twenty years ago, to the lucky West Coast in the form of eight exclusive NY Upper Crust locations.

Menifee is home to the sole Inland Empire location, where loyal patrons are literally eating it up. Coming from miles around to get their pizza fix, customers can’t seem to get enough of this genuine east coast experience. Menifee resident, Shelia Carrico, put it best saying, “It’s good quality pizza, and the service is great. We just keep coming back for more.” You will find this to be true, once you’ve tasted the pizza from Upper Crust, nowhere else will even compare.

upper crust pizza
Aside from their expertly constructed pizza creations, you of course have the option to build your own pizza as well. The menu has an excellent variety and extensive options beyond traditional pizzas. For your convenient consumption Upper Crust is available for dine in, order ahead, or local delivery.

While the mouthwatering menu will spark your appetite, it is the methodical construction of each secret Italian recipe that will mesmerize your senses from the moment you order until the pizza finally touches down on your table.

The dough is made, you guessed it, fresh every day and is hand stretched to optimum crust consistency. Pizzas are offered with traditional New York style thin crust, Sicilian deep-dish crust, or indulgently stuffed, depending on your preference.

fresh pizza
Wholesome vine ripe tomatoes come together each morning at the hands of an expertly trained chef to bring about a brand new batch of homemade marinara sauce. Spiced and seasoned to absolute perfection, this sauce is good enough to eat by itself with a spoon. Finally, the toppings are added in accordance with one of ten gourmet pizza menu suggestions, or stuffed inside the dough to create what can only be described as a pinwheel of pizza.

Slice by slice we were fortunate enough to taste test some of Upper Crust’s fan favorite items, and in anonymous agreement it was decided that this eatery is not only downright delicious but the absolute best Italian establishment around. In summation the food is skillfully seasoned and simply bursting with flavor.

The thin crust is soft and fluffy with the right amount of structure to accommodate the toppings. On the other hand, the deep-dish crust provides a satisfying crunch to accompany the generous amount of homemade sausage, fresh veggies, sauce, and cheese.

pizza oven
If marinara isn’t your sauce of choice, the White Pizza comes highly recommended as the ultimate cheese lovers delight. Fresh ricotta acts as the sauce and adds an incredible amount of smooth flavor to every bite.

The talented chefs successfully pack each culinary creation with genuine New York flavor without the notorious New York attitude. They want you to stay a while, eat, and really enjoy your meal. In true Sicilian tradition, the food evokes a sense of comfort and warmth. Each bite envelops your taste buds and takes them right back to Nonna’s* welcoming kitchen table. As nearly every Italian grandmother would say, eating should be an event, and at NY’s Upper Crust in Menifee it most certainly is.

*Nonna- the Sicilian word for grandmother

New York's Upper Crust Pizza
30076 Haun Rd., Suite 220
Menifee, CA 92584
(951) 301-8600

Monday thru Sunday
10:00 am - 9:30 pm


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