New Jack in the Box Coming to Romoland

Menifee planning commissioners recently approved the construction of a Jack in the Box restaurant af...

Menifee planning commissioners recently approved the construction of a Jack in the Box restaurant after receiving feedback from the county about the project’s traffic safety.

The commission was initially hesitant to approve the 2,599-square-foot design planned for the northeast corner of Trumble Road and Highway 74 because of its lack of a deceleration lane.

Since Highway 74 is owned by Caltrans it makes it virtually impossible for the City of Menifee to do anything expect make recommendations.

“We do not have any jurisdictions over Highway 74, so case closed,” said commission chairman Chris Thomas during the latest meeting.

Caltrans usually only provides right turn lanes at street intersections. A project traffic engineer from the county was on hand to explain why a deceleration lane wouldn’t be necessary.

“The westbound right lane on Highway 74 is 20 feet wide,” he said. “This will allow cars to make a turn without obstructing traffic.”

jack in the box romoland
Planners were also concerned about the driveway entrance off Trumble for the 3,000-square-foot Arco gas station and AM/PM convenience store that will be built next to the Jack in the Box.

Commissioners were worried that the driveway’s close proximity to the intersection would cause traffic congestion along the highway. The driveway’s location would also only allow right turns in and out, but no left turns.

The commission proposed moving the driveway north to allow full movement and better safety, but was met with more design dilemmas. Applicants of the site argued that moving the driveway “would push the buildings towards Highway 74, leave no room for gas tanks, take away space from the parking lot, and ultimately kill the project.”

The applicants eventually made a compromise after deliberation and said they would be willing to redesign the project if the existing driveway turns out to be inadequate after analysis.

A final resolution for the gas station will be given during the next planning commission meeting on Aug. 23. Meanwhile, the Jack in the Box will break ground early next year and will reach completion six to seven months later.


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