DONATE TODAY at the Paloma Valley High's WILDCAT BRIGADE Donation Drive

I totally 'Laughed Out Loud' today as I was driving down Newport and saw a teenage girl, running along side a bicycle, holding up her sign for him to read as he rode by. Apparently.... this girl has been doing this all morning long... running down Newport to make sure the cars driving by would read her sign. I don't know her name, but if this student is an indication of the pep and zing that makes up the Wildcat Brigade, I've GOT to go see this Marching Band's next performance!

Today, until 4:00 pm, the Paloma Valley High School's marching band, The Wildcat Brigade, is having a Salvation Army donation drive on the corner of Newport and Murrieta Rd.

Salvation Army has a big truck there, just waiting for us to support The Wildcat Brigade, and help them to fill it up for this good cause.


  1. Thanks everyone who as donated! We filled up the whole truck!:D I hope we can do this again in the future. We'll be sure to have people running around with signs and shouting "PLEASE DONATE!" I'll make sure to be one of them! Thank you again!