Menifee Resident Shot by Police Officers Last Night

Last evening, at about 11:35 p.m., officers from the Menifee Police Department attempted to serve a felony arrest warrant on the 28000 block...

Last evening, at about 11:35 p.m., officers from the Menifee Police Department attempted to serve a felony arrest warrant on the 28000 block of Hershey Court, in the city of Menifee. The warrant was for the arrest of twenty-seven-year-old Menifee resident, Jeremy Rodriguez.

Upon their arrival, they located Rodriguez in a stolen vehicle, which was parked outside of the residence. The officers ordered him out of the vehicle but he did not comply with the officers' orders. Rodriguez drove toward the officers in a dangerous manner, causing two officers to fire their weapons. Rodriguez was wounded with non-life-threatening injuries.

The officers immediately provided emergency medical aid at the scene and summoned Cal-Fire and the American Medical Response ambulance service. Rodriguez was transported to a nearby hospital to receive further medical treatment. No officers were injured during the incident.

Investigators from the Menifee Police Department and investigators from the Riverside County Sheriff's Department, Central Homicide Unit, assumed the investigation.

Per Riverside County Sheriff's Department Policy, all of the officers who were involved in the shooting were placed on paid administrative leave during the investigation.

The Riverside County Sheriff's Department would like to encourage anyone having information regarding the incident to contact Investigator Alfaro of the Central Homicide Unit at 760-578-2097-or Investigator Wyatt of the Menifee Police Department at 951-210-1000.


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  1. Here we go again!!! Ahhh...lovely Mexifornia!!! I suppose this loser is going to blame the officers because the orders to stop, weren't given in Spanish! Unreal...

  2. What was a 27 year old doing in a Senior's Only housing tract?

  3. I release the fire of God to burn out any sickness or desease that would operate in this young mans body, In The Name of Jesus.

  4. its free rent for them so, they figure why not, whose going to kick them out. HOA? It can take a year or two to get rid of them legally but, I can assure you they really never leave just hide out in the garage for awhile. Stealing cars', felony warrant...bad dude!

  5. Wow...such bigotry people, did I wake up in Arizona? Weather's about right.

  6. No, you didn't wake up in Arizona, you woke up in America! What is happening to this country? Illegals, and immigrants from everywhere. Pretty soon we'll be called United States of MexiVietStan. I am not a biggot by any means, but when I hear of people who belong elsewhere causing crime, stealing jobs, taking our govt resourses, and not embracing our cultures, laws, religion, and ways of life, it infuriates me. There are plently of good mexican AMERICANS, vietnamese AMERICANS, pakistanian AMERICANS, and other people who have come here and EMBRACED OUR WAYS, and therefore should stay. However, there are plenty who habe come here and done nothing but TAKE and expect us to embrace their religions, ways of life, and they run a muck here. I am not the person who commented above, but I agree with them! Menifee used to be a small farm town where everyone knew everyone and watched out for eachother. Only a few prominent families were here and the rest of the people were good people too. Now, instead of everyone watching out for eachother... everyone is stealing from eachother. Intentionally or not.

  7. If only California had the guts Arizona did, we would be seeing less of these lawbreaking non-citizens whom suck us dry. California has become a corrupt state that has catered to the illegal voters for way too long. Just look around, see what we've been dealing with.

  8. What about the White Americans who break laws, molest kids, and murder! We're always so quick to point out minorities while the majority committ even worse crimes. Look on the news! Who are molesting our children? What race? Should the White immigrants go back to their countries too. It's not about race, it's about stupid people! We have those in every race!!!

  9. Why do people assume the man is an illegal alien just because he has a spanish last name? Did I miss something here?

  10. I work at the court and over 80 percent of the child rapes, sex with minors, lewd acts with minors are by Hispanic men. Just to keep the record straight.

  11. The race card is used by people who hate themselves. Any person I've met who has LEGALLY immigrated here has made the effort of learning ENGLISH and has made a valuable contribution to this country.

  12. Well, there are plenty of caucasians on Megan's Law database. And there is nothing in the above story to suggest the man was here illegally.

    And last I read our constitution we don't have an "our religion" because this country was founded on freedom of religion, which does not mean anyone's particular flavour of Christianity, despite how many interpret it.

    And yes, it is bigotry because you make assumptions about the man based on little information, generalizing about him because his name is hispanic.

    And last thought...illegal voters??? What does that mean? Like Florida during the Bush/Gore election?

  13. Anonymous @ June 20, 2011 10:37 PM, you do realize this is just an internet news blog right? Funny. This isn't a movie, your "released fire" isn't going to make him start convulsing on the ground or "burn" any of those things.

    People are excessively dramatic. "Everyone is stealing from each other"? Uhh, last I checked everything in my home is mine and accounted for. And how do you steal "unintentionally"? By the way "our ways" aren't really "our ways"...all those "Mexican Americans, Vietnamese Americans" and so on have contributed to the "American" way of life. There is little that even actually originates from America. And yes, we are expected to embrace other religions and cultures, not as citizens, but as humans. We SHOULD strive to understand each other, after all, the most peaceful bonds are based on understanding.

  14. Well said all around Anonymous @June 23, 2011 12:00 pm

  15. If we were like Arizona and implemented their illegal immigrant laws, we'd have maybe a 30% population of LEGAL residents. . . So when can we get that put on the agenda for California??

  16. Yes! When is Calfornia gonna grow a pair? Too bad the politicians are more concerned about being PC.



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