Menifee Independence Day Celebration a Big Success

For the 20th year in a row, thousands of people filled Wheatfield Park last night with their chairs, blankets, snacks taking in the grand finale of an Independence Day Celebration hosted by Lake Menifee Women's Club and the City of Menifee.

It started around 3:00pm as vendors got their booths set up, and by 5:00pm the parade got started. Folks lined up on either side of La Piedra Rd, and watched horses, kids, golf carts, trucks, and cars filled with beauty queens parade themselves along, tossing candy everywhere.

By 6:00pm, the vendor village filled to capacity as hungry festival goers stood in lines to get tacos, hot dogs, pizzas, and funnel cakes.

Just before 9:00pm, nearly every square yard of space in Wheatfield Park was claimed by someone patiently waiting for the fireworks show to started.

Sandra Aldridge, Menifee Valley Community Cupboard, Grand Marshall

VFW Post 4379, Winchester Valley

California Youth Spirit Corps

Late city councilman & teacher Fred Twyman honored in the parade

City councilmembers, John Denver (seated inside), Darcy Kuenzi (waving flag), Tom Fuhrman
(with thumb up)

Fireworks Show

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  1. What a great time this was. I want to thank the Menifee Lake Women's Club and the City of Menifee for all the work they put into this event. I know these things just don't happen. It takes a lot of planning and hard work, mostly by volunteers, for this to happen.
    The fireworks were wonderful.
    We managed to find a nice hay bale to sit on and watch the show.
    Thanks you again, Menifee Lake Women's Club and the City of Menifee.

  2. Well done indeed. It only further shows the need for some real entertainment around here. set a date and they will come!

  3. Since we have free Movie Nights at the local parks for the children, could the City Council or Chamber set up 'free concerts' at the parks as well for adults?