Jeremy and Ivette Taylor - Relationship is Everything

“Whenever someone tells me that they have burned all their bridges, I look at them and tell them tru...

“Whenever someone tells me that they have burned all their bridges, I look at them and tell them truthfully that I don’t build bridges that burn. Every bridge I have ever built to a friend’s heart has been made of stone.” ~ George White

Most business people would tell you that relationships are important to them, and in many cases, they are top priority. For Jeremy and Ivette Taylor, Financial Advisors with Ameriprise Financial in Menifee, building relationships is crucial.

“Relationship is everything! What we do here is not a single transaction. We watch the changes in the market, and we can tell you not only what the market did, but what does that mean to you and your ability to reach your goal,” Jeremy shared. “We like seeing clients meet their goals they came in with, but even more, we like showing them opportunities that they never knew existed. We are here in Menifee long term. We understand that treating clients right is the only way that is going to work.”

“In most cases, our clients are looking to secure a successful retirement and make the most of their current assets. Some are on the brink of retirement and they want to make their assets last, and still others who are in their mature years are looking to pass on a legacy. We can help with all of these. We want to help our clients remain in the driver’s seat and grow their money, live from their money and pass it on efficiently,” Ivette interjected.

These two know a little bit about building relationships that work. Jeremy and Ivette share not only their Ameriprise Financial office in Menifee, but their lives together as well. With complete professionalism, courtesy and respect, these two incredibly bright individuals have built a business together, with a common goal in mind; to serve the needs of their clients, and to help the community. While Ameriprise is a large company with a great deal of support, Jeremy and Ivette have created an office environment with a warm, close-knit feel, that welcomes clients and puts them at ease from the moment they step in the door.

One of the most important factors in their business is their assistant Kamala Davis. Kamala is the glue the holds everything together, while Jeremy and Ivette focus on their jobs as Advisors. “She helps follow up, makes appointments, organizes our business, plans and runs our calendars and our lives! The best thing is that our clients love her. We receive so many compliments from clients about Kamala, and we know what they are speaking of when they say those things. She’s awesome!”

Jeremy, Ivette and Kamala have almost a “family feeling” in their office, which helps clients realize that these folks are genuine. Jeremy’s Stepfather and two older brothers have been with Ameriprise for 30 years combined, not only inspiring Jeremy to follow into this business, but in many ways making Ameriprise a family profession. When Jeremy and Ivette met at Ameriprise, (she was also an Advisor at their corporate office) he recalls seeing her cross the lobby for the first time. He later came to learn that she was “positive, hard working, had a good attitude, and found her so amazing!” They seemed to be a perfect fit from the beginning, and eventually Ivette became part of Jeremy’s family too.

“My Mom is almost the only one in the family who is not wit