Fred Twyman Touched The Lives Of Many

After the tragic loss of our beloved friend and influential citizen, Fred Twyman, so many touching w...

After the tragic loss of our beloved friend and influential citizen, Fred Twyman, so many touching words were shared at his memorial held at Paloma Valley High School's gymnasium on Friday afternoon, June 24th.

A large group of about 800 individuals composed of friends, relatives, students, coworkers, and everyone deeply effected by his passing gathered to celebrate the life of Fred Twyman. A slideshow of photographs as well as an exhibit of his witty t-shirts were displayed in his remembrance.

Twyman was widely known as an involved citizen. His dedicated participation to the community was triumphed and highly acknowledged by many. Mayor Wallace Edgerton was the first to speak about not only Twyman's influence in his life, but to the city as well. "I speak for the city. We are one today. We all feel a sense of loss." Edgerton said. Twyman's services were represented as such a compelling significance to the city. "You can't be a good man without being a good citizen, and if you're a good citizen, you're a good man. And that was Fred Twyman." said Mayor Wallace.

fred twyman memorial

Coworkers of Twyman reminisced the humorous moments they would have with their dear friend while at work. His love for sci-fi and Disney brought back many of their memories of his famous costumes he would create every Halloween. The variety of posters characterized with Star Wars quotes, World of Warcraft symbols, as well as quotes from Twyman himself decorated the gymnasium with his character.

In addition to the comical relief he brought to coworkers, Twyman had a major influence on his students. He was the head of Paloma Valley High School's "Key Club," a club where students participate in community service for the benefit of others, where his passion for helping kids and helping others truly shined. Three students in particular proceeded to described the meaningful impression that their personal encounters with Mr. Twyman had on their lives. His impact will forever stand with Paloma Valley High School.

With feelings and intentions spoken out on the of Fred Twyman's passing, many were particularly moved by the words of his daughter, Fallon, and wife, Carolyn. Fallon boldly stood in front of the podium and recited a poem she had written due to the loss of her father. Her words sincerely overtook the whole gymnasium to create much empathy to their grieving family. Carolyn, unable to speak, had her intentions written down and read out by a friend. The repetitive phrase in her speech, "I miss him so much already" expressed sadness discerned by all.

Towards the end of the memorial, a large display of markers and balloons were waiting outside for all to participate in writing a message on a balloon for Fred Twyman. It was described as "Hugs and Kisses for Fred Twyman." At the end of the ceremony, the balloons were let free in dedication to him.

Fred Twyman will forever be remembered as a wonderful father, great husband, excellent teacher, and dear friend. His passion for helping others and serving our community will never be forgotten. He genuinely imprinted the lives of many and although he is no longer with us, we celebrate his "legacy" and his "legacy" lives on.